life as me

im louis i always hated being a pitbull im treated badly will i ever find a loving family will i ever change will i get rescuede i dont being a bad dog im a dog im meant to love not hate


4. home

i feel asleep on kayla a hour past i woke up in a dog bed . i got up to see and bolw of water and food both whrited *we <3 louis* i walked over and eat. after i was done i walked outside where i saw kayla play in the sandbox i walked over and helped her dig a hole.i walked out and went exploring thw backyard it was very big i stoped infront of a dog house with my name on it and a confty bed inside it i slep for 3-4 hours but wen i woke up i din't know wat i was seeing infront me the truth i was very scared

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