life as me

im louis i always hated being a pitbull im treated badly will i ever find a loving family will i ever change will i get rescuede i dont being a bad dog im a dog im meant to love not hate


1. help

"louis down bad dog" he yelled at me i tried to attack him defending myself "GRRRR" he'lll hit me and ill let out a little "gr" he shoved me in a cage too small for me he starved me for a week...



1 week later

he brang my cage into a arena i saw another pitbull in a cage they open the cage door at the same time making us figth " louis attack " i refused as the other dog sat down and tilte  dhis head at me " LOUIS ATTACK NOW " i jumped on him bitting his arm until he bled a guy grabed my collar after everything went black i heard ambulances . i woke up in my cage again getting starved but this time i smelled smoke no one was in the building i paniqued in my cage trying to get but i was too late the walls falling down the seeling colapsing on my cage i knew i was gonna die i let out a week bark but then black again....

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