life as me

im louis i always hated being a pitbull im treated badly will i ever find a loving family will i ever change will i get rescuede i dont being a bad dog im a dog im meant to love not hate


5. don't leave me

i woke up and saw two mans infront my dog house "here buddy " he holded a thing i lifted my head and he put the rope around my neak he pulled me out i tried to escape i stoped and hearded "dont take my doggy away" i lifted my ear hearing kayla cry i looked in the mans eyes and thaugth to myself *what's happening he want's to take me away from my family but i don't wanna leave* i keep looking at him then i turned to my old self and attacked him.i felt something pinch we as i started to get sleepy then i collaps i could head kayla screaming i felt sick then i heard nothing just a truck motor starting i woke up looked througth the window and di a little bark * don`t leave me * i whined then fell sleep

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