life as me

im louis i always hated being a pitbull im treated badly will i ever find a loving family will i ever change will i get rescuede i dont being a bad dog im a dog im meant to love not hate


2. confused

i woke up on a tray humans talking beeping i was scared i was never scared i opended my eyes as a vet was looking at me making sure im alive i could tell she was relived the way she looked at me when i opend up my eyes "hes alive its ok boy your in safe hands " the vet put me under a thing she took me in surgery .. i woke up in a big cage  i looked down and saw my leg was wrapped up " were am i tell me now " i stud up barking "shut it mut " said another dog next to me "where am i and who are you and why are you looking at the top of my head ?" i asked in confusion " im killer , your at the vet and you have a missing ear" she looked at me in my eyes " im not in a battle cage "   told myself  "tell me about ya mut "  "im louis im a battle dog ive been starved and i was caugth in a fire im also a pitbull"  i told her looking around me " cool im melfie im a old abused german sheperd and i hate other animals"  " nice "


a litle girl came in looking at the dogs "act normal louis" melfie told me . she just sat down as i just jumped around playing and wagging my tail like i was suposed to be "stop shes never gonna adopt you" " you'll see melfie " i turned around and ran up to the cage door when the little girl walked past she ingnored me and chose the puppy next to me i wwnt back to the bed and dint move 



a week and i still din't move from my bed i din't go eat i din't want to eat i did nothing "melfie is it cuz im a pitbull no one wants me?"  " of corse not well maybe plus you have a missing ear so maybe " 

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