life of being a horse

im midnigth im a black clydsdale mare ive just left my heard in serch for buddys and a stallion ........


4. what.....

it makes 1 week since i got an owner his nname is austin hes the best. i woke up early again and yelled ''IT'S TIME TO GET UP GET UP GET UP GET UP SLEEPY HEADS'' louis groaned ''WAKE UP BOYS AND GIRL TIME TO GET UP COME ON SLEEPY HEADS'' this time louis got up and looked at me before he started chasing me around i jumped on the floor he jumped next to me ''hey louis hows it going '' ''ok but i need to tell you something ''  ''ok say it lou'' i said while getting up ''well......i'' he told me looking at the ground ''i smiled at him and ran to zayn i knew i could tell him anything hes like my brother ''zayn louis likes me '' i said ''ohh someone has a crush on louis'' zayn said to me smiling '' vain shut up but the thing i just smiled at him can you tell him i like him too'' i said shy '' of course anything for my best pal '' he said smiling ''thz zayny vainy '' he smiled then ran to tell louis . i saw austin come over to get me * hey girl hows it going i see you got a friend even friends good *he hugged me and gave us fresh hay we all ran over to it niall being the first llike always . me and louis hung out for a while and had a laugh . i heard austin and the boys owners talk *guys im gonna need to take midnigth away i live in a diffrent contry and she can't just stay here * austin said looking at them then looking at me i raan away to see the boys zayn wasnt there tho and mercy ''boys i have to tell you something'' i said quickly ''what is it '' harry said '' austin said i cant stay here he said im leavig later today'' i said in tears ''you can't leave tho  i don't wanna lose my mate'' louis said hagging me zayn and mercy came back ''vas happening here '' zayn said as mercy went to join niall there where best friends her and niall ''im leaving later today '' i said crying ''no i cant lose my best friend '' he came in and joined the hug after harry came into the hug then liam,mercy ,and niall .

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