life of being a horse

im midnigth im a black clydsdale mare ive just left my heard in serch for buddys and a stallion ........


1. the start

since i was a filly ive been wild and mother was always teaching me how to survive but today's the big day im leaving the pack "dad why do i have to go " i told my father "your old enough to be wild make friends get a mate have a heard " he told me waving his big long magestic black mane "but if i don't want to be wild" i said looking at him in the eyes " your gonna be wild never get close to humans they killed you mother i dont want you hurt"  "humans can be nice ya know dad" i told him being a smart ass  "time to go midnigth " he nudged me into the field " ok dad " i hugged him "love you dad bye " " bye " he replied as i troted off     


finaly free from orders but why does dad want to let me leave im still a kid inside ill never find a mate or friends .. i walked out of the territory i could'nt see the heard anymore i din't feel safe . i head a neigh as another big grey horse the same breed as me smacked into me " sorry " i heard the mare say "its ok im midnigth whats uour name ?"  "im mercy nice to meet you midnigth " she replied nicely "nice to meet you mercy " i smiled "what are you doing here ?" i asked mercy " im looking for the village i don't want to be wild its boring " " wait you want to be tamed me too we could be good friends "  i asked her "yasss besties " she yelled happy " lets find the village " we gallop off 

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