life of being a horse

im midnigth im a black clydsdale mare ive just left my heard in serch for buddys and a stallion ........


2. new friends

me and mercy went to the nearest contry we found we saw lots of horses outside and kids riding horses ''  this is were we gona live mercy'' ''yep'' we walked more into the place and jumped into a pen with 5 other horses ''hey wild horses im harry you can also call me hazza '' he was a brown horse ony brown no white ''hey im midnigth and this is mercy we want to be tamed '' another horse walked over to us this was a nice plalamino''hey guys im niall'' he said in an irish accent '' hi im mercy and this is midnigth '' mercy said shyly to niall . niall left and ran to harry .a nice black horse came up to us ''vas hapening im zayn'' i giggled abit and finaly i was able to say '' hi zayn im midnigth and this is mercy'' after i sid it zayn left and mercy ran off to see them another brown horse came up to me hes was ligther than harry tho'' hey im liam' he said in a cute voice '' im midnigth and over there the white horse is mercy '' he went over to meet mercy . then a big horse my breed but in brown inbetween harry and liam came up to me '' hey im louis nice to meet you'' i got very shy wen i looked into his eyes '' hi. im midnigth and thats mercy over with the boys ''  ''cool you can call me lou is you want '' he smiled shyly i smiled back '' ok lou'' we both giggled abit then we both left i went over to the back and zayn came runing to me '' vas happening midnigth'' 'nothing much zayn '' i replied looking around '' let me show you around ''ok vain '' i replied laughing zayn rolled his eyes and showed me around it was a very big place ''zayn....'' ''what..'' i looked at him playfully ''i bet you can't catch me '' i told him backing up ''i bet i will '' i galoped off zayn was chasing me we ran past lou and the boys everytime i saw louis looing t me and zayn he looked jelous ... me and zayn became best friends in a short amount of time i loved being his friend he was always full of surprises and fun

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