life of being a horse

im midnigth im a black clydsdale mare ive just left my heard in serch for buddys and a stallion ........


3. getting an owner

a month past me and mercy were fully tamed we loved humans i woke up me and the boys all cuddled up since the nigth its very clold so we need to keep worm i got up in slilence and walked infront of them all '' IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP ITS TIME TO GET UP GET UP GET UP GET UP SLEEPY HEADS'' they all jumped and zayn started chasing me i galloped as fast as i can adventualy he caugth me and we fliped over ''zayn stop being so annoyed wen i wake you up '' i told him playfully he got up after i did ''  we do it every morning '' he yarns '' you should think about it the morning its always coming vain'' let's get the boys and mercy ''  ''yeah there gonna be late its aleready 9 and the lesson starts at 9;30 '' i nipped them on the shoulder waking them up ''the corse is starting soon wake up sleepy heads '' i yelled exited '' ok'' louis groaned  they all got up and we starting eating the fresh hay after that we played for the rest of the time left all of them got taken only me and louis were not cuz we are more for expirienced ones ''  what are we gonna do lou'' i asked him bored i layed down '' i dont know its boring without the boys'' he replied and layed down... an hour past the boys an mercy came back but me and mercy were taken inside we were confused ''so girls today your getting an owner i need to make you guys pretty '' they girls brushed us too are horse shoes off and brushed are mains we came back out i hated being clean im usaly a dirty horse ''boys help me im dying '' i said not amused '' you hate being clean midnigth thats my type when i get clean i roll on the floor how much it bothers me'' i laughed and said '' same but she said i gotta be  clean cuz im getting an owner '' i saw louis ligth up '' i know when the guy comes hes maybe gonna bring you somewhere to just see you after you roll on the floor and show  the real you`` he says without stoping ''awsome lou'' iwent over and hugged him i left as i heard my name she took me inside where the man was '' be good'' i walked in and did what louis said the man was waiting for a nice trot but instead i ran rolled on the floor getting myself dirty '' im so sorry sir''  ''ill take her '' the blond guy said ''hey girl im austin your new owner i walked over to him and let him pet me the girl took m back to my pen 

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