life of being a horse

im midnigth im a black clydsdale mare ive just left my heard in serch for buddys and a stallion ........


6. escaping

i started galloping fast i kicked the air getting austin off i looked at him and shook my head saying '' i can't stay here'' i galloped off he got in his truc and begain chasing me i was faster tho..i ran for 3 days going back not resting stopping to eat of drink adventualy i got skinny enougth i was able to get my saddle off and the rest i only had my bridle on i ran into my dad ''midnigth i told you not to get tamed '' he snaped my bridle off and walked off ''come on midnigth you coming back home '' he said in an ordering voice ''NO '' i yelled ''why '' he said turning around confused ''i found where i belong i belong with my friends and louis'' i said looking into his eyes '' who's these friend and this louis'' he told me not wanting me to say mate ''niall harry liam are my friends zayn's my best friend mercy is my second best friend and louis is my m-'' he cut me off ''no you cant have a mate thats tamed your a wild horse you dont deserve him'' ''i don''t care about what you think if i love him then you can't stop me from finding my pals aand where i belong'' i ran off he followed''i want to meet them lead away'' we ran for about 3 and a half an hour and we were there i got back to normal weigth and ran to the pen where the boys were i jumped in and yelled ''VAS HAPPEING BOIZ'' they turned around and louis was the first to reach me and he screamed ''GROUP HUG'' the rest of them came over and we all hugged they let go ''boys this is my dad,da zayn is the black one niall the palamino harry the darkest brown lim the lighest brown and louis the brown one thats not too ligth or too dark and he's also my breed  hes my mate and mercy is the white one'' he said hi and the boys all said hi too ''i  better get back to the heard '' my dad said jumping over the fence''bye dad''me and the boys and hung together and pyed a few games leaving us time to finaly where i belong boys '' we all smiled ''im going to bed '' naill said ''me to'' said zayn and the other ones noonly me and louis were outside together we cudled up and slep outside alone

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