Laws of Gods and Men

Michel Salvatore is a boy saved by a benevolent Queen. A rags-to-riches narrative at first glance, Michel soon realises he had entered a court of gods at Her Majesty's behest, a feat of great honour to a mere mortal.

He did not care for glory or all the others.

For his hatred burns for them.

*An entry for the "Strange the Dreamer: A Writing Competition" with the theme of GODS AND MORTALS.*


7. Acknowledgements

Finally, we’re at the end of the road, o lovely readers. I do hope you enjoyed the ride, for it has been quite a wild one for me.


I hope you don't mind me taking a celebratory drink (water, not wine of course) as I write this section, for this is the first story I actually completed.


Even though I already had Michel's story in mind for months, mapped out plot-points for pre-planned emotional arcs (yes, I'm that kind of a writer), this story strayed greatly from what I had planned. The original ending was very Michel-focused, but as I tried to explore the relationship between Michel (mortal) and Valencia (goddess), well... that's where it took a detour in the overall narrative.


There were so many things I did not plan for in the last few chapters. It's surprising how that one detail can change a whole narrative.


I guess I still have a lot to learn as a writer.


I also think it is safe to admit that Michel is probably the meanest main character I've ever written (and the first to actually come to completion!), so much that I couldn't help but find him a bit scary to write. He's just so hateful and petty I can't tell what he'd do, and how far he'd go sometimes!


Now, with that out of the way, it's thank you time!


To Movella, Hodder Books, and Mulholland Books: Thank you for giving a chance for this story to breathe a life of its own, and a chance to compete amongst such amazing writers in Movella.


To Laini Taylor: My thanks, for you have given a chance to this story, and inspired a crucial element in the story (Strange the Dreamer). All thanks to you.


To beloved friend and cousin double-timing as my lovely editors Regina Tasya (friend) and David Tay (cousin): Your counsel and tremendous support has contributed so much to this work, and for that, I am grateful. I would have been completely and utterly overwhelmed by the massive change of winds if it were not for you both.


To beloved friends and family: Like the two aforementioned above, your support, patience and unconditional love has continually inspired and supported me, even when I struggled in the process.


And finally,


To you readers, for you have given a chance for this story and read it.


I am blessed to have each and every one of you in my life.

A universe of love and thanks to you all!


Best wishes,



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