There Will Be.... Walkers, (AKA Zombies) Walking In The Woods, In The Store, Surrounded By Walkers, Being Saved By A Group, Running Off, Walkers Again, Finding A Safe Place, Girl Fights, Guy Fights, Arguing, Flirting, Talking, Going On A Supply Run, Fights Again, Deaths, Crying, Getting Attacked, Getting Kidnapped.
(Think of more topics to put later on in the story)


3. In The Woods Pt2

Halie's P.O.V-


While me and Erykah were keeping watch, Princess started to growl at something, so before she could wake up the other's i covered her snout."Shh, It's okay." I said to her, while petting her, after a few minutes she calmed down, and layed back down again, after she layed down i got out my flashlight, and shun it in every direction, and me and Erykah couldn't see, or hear anything."What was she growling about?" Erykah asked."I don't know, but I don't think she was imagining it."I replied."Do you think its just an animal, or a walker?" She asked.'If it was a walker, than we would of heard moaning and groaning. It was probably just some little animal."I said."Oh, okay."Erykah replied."You look very tired. Go to sleep.I can keep watch by myself."I said."No, and im not tired at all." she replied back."Okay."I responded.

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