There Will Be.... Walkers, (AKA Zombies) Walking In The Woods, In The Store, Surrounded By Walkers, Being Saved By A Group, Running Off, Walkers Again, Finding A Safe Place, Girl Fights, Guy Fights, Arguing, Flirting, Talking, Going On A Supply Run, Fights Again, Deaths, Crying, Getting Attacked, Getting Kidnapped.
(Think of more topics to put later on in the story)


2. In The Woods Pt2

Halie's P.O.V-

While we were walking, we heard walkers moaning and groaning, so we ran into the woods, before the walkers could hear, see, and smell us.  After about 30 minutes passed, we stopped walking and set up camp, we built a fire, (but not a big fire) and we tied a string of empty cans around some tree's so that if any walker's walk into it, We will be able to hear it if we were all sleeping, after we did that it was dark out, we all sat down around the fire,listening to anything far in the distance, not saying a word to each other at all, until Sam (Samantha, but we call her Sam for short) looked at me."Do you think there are still people that are surviving this like us?" She asked." I honestly don't know," I answered."Oh okay," Sam replied."But if there are any people that are surviving like us, we can't trust nobody but our group.Who knows what they would if they ever run into us." I said."But their like us, their people" Sam said."Yeah, but people can't be trusted if we don't know them and if they are lying and hiding something from us.Do you understand?"I replied, than asked."Yes I understand." Sam responded."Good, now all of you go to sleep, I'll keep watch.Tomorrow we start walking again."I said."I'll help you keep watch too." Erykah said."Okay." I replied. 

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