Moon Goddess


2. Chapter Two

Hawk Lansfire stood feet apart watching his kingdom flittering with life below. The red moon shone, lighting the snowy streets with her angry gaze.

"Sir," Hawk cocked his head to the side as he watch a small girl selling flowers at this ungodly hour.

Cain followed his master's gaze, "ah, that's the young mistress of the Zcainza household," Hawk raised his chin a little higher, looking down at the girl.

"Why is she selling flowers at this hour? What of her parents?" Cain sighed.

"The young mistress likes to give flowers to people, she excels in medical arts even at her age," Hawk nodded. That didn't answer his question as to why she was doing what she was doing, Hawk frowned, he must have been bored if he was curious about another being.

"Good bring her to me," he wonder is he could ask the girl directly himself, Hawk made a move to retreat from the balcony of the palace.

"P-pardon Sir?" Hawk frowned looking over his shoulder at his friend and guard.

"I said bring her to me," Hawk noted how his companion's face fell. Ah this girl seemed to have captivated his friend's heart. "Mm Captain Jaxson is there something wrong?" He saw his friend shake his head rapidly, Cain was easy to torment, "never mind then I have lost interest in her already," Hawk smiled as his friend sighed in relief.

Suddenly fiery red light blinded his vision, it engulfed every object, every cracks and dust, Hawk eyes stung as he tried to open them, but decided to wait till the light died down.

Once over Hawk's gaze shot out wards from the balcony to the mass of smoke, rising into the midnight sky.

"W-what w-was that?" Hawk ignore Cain as he took long strides towards the balcony railings and leaned forward, hoping that his powerful eyesight is able to make out what had caused a smoke.

Where the smoke roused from was not from one of the elemental section nor was it from any of the weaponry section, it was in the middle of the woods, where...

"I want at least fifty men to accompany me to the Moon," Cain stared at him in shock, he knew why to.

The Moon was a fairly large pond that was directly under the moon every night. The moon rested directly in the centre of the pond, her red gaze unbearable for a few, even the magicians couldn't contain her magic on the night of her full moon.

"Go now I plan to leave within two minutes," with that Hawk stalked off the balcony, wondering if the Moon Goddess' arrival that Eva, the woman who had stepped out of that pond many moon before had warned him might be true.


The first thing Li witness was darkness that surrounded his vision.

He slowly opened his eyes to behold his beautiful princess floating in front of him.

They were in the pond, had they downed and will forever haunt the palace pond? Why had Wol been so, so, infuriating? He still hadn't accomplished his life long bucket list and she insist on them dying so soon?

Li sighed inwardly, as he watch her raven hair gracefully dancing around her pale flawless face. She looked almost dead, she must be cold. Li glanced up and saw the surface of the pond, they hadn't sunk that far.

Gently grabbing hold of her thin waist, he swam up to the surface, it took longer than expected however once he broke through the surface he was glad for the air that rushed into his lungs.

He looked down when Wol began to cough, no wonder he had failed Health and Social class as well as the medical class that Wol seemed to excel in.

He held her small body tight to his, her lush body folded neatly and tightly to his. Wol coughed some more, as he bought them to the edge of the pond.

Why didn't anything look familia?

He looked down at the girl again, she was definitely familia. Li carefully laid the beauty down on the cool grass and tilted her head upwards. He listened to her heartbeat, she was alive, he was reassured by that fact, but she needs air.

So at that moment he allowed their lips to capture one another, as he breathed life into her he then felt himself drowning once more.


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