Moon Goddess


6. Chapter Six

Hawk sensed someone watching him as he sat flicking through his herbal book.

He waited as they approached, the heavy footing indicating that it was Cain. The man never had a light foot.

Hawk sighed as he placed his book down, Cain took longer than expected, dawn had just risen, was they really that difficult to take down? There was two of them, surely Cain and his men didn't have difficulty?

"What took you so long, really I nearly-" a clothed hand was instantly wrapped round his mouth and nose. The cloth smelled strangely like one of the plants that was grown along side the roads.

Hawk grabbed hold of the hand that held him, he tried to pull the criminal off, who dare touch the crown prince in such manner?

Unless... As if his suspicion had been confirmed a giggled sounded to his right.

Wol. He glared at the beautiful small girl as she grinned from ear to ear, then the person behind must be Li.

Hawk shook his head violently loosening Li's grip around his mouth, allowing him enough time to slip off the bench and face them.

The two looked like crazed criminals as they smirked at him. Hawk felt uncomfortable, where was Cain?

"Where is Cain?" The Wol cocked her head to the side, confusion marring her face.

"All your men are tied up," Li spoke, ah it seemed like he was the intelligent one out of the two.

"Weird name," Hawk frowned at Wol's words, was she referring to his friend?

"What?" She cocked her head to the side at his question.

"Cain... It's a weird name," Hawl snorted, she was the one to talk. Hawk wasn't even sure if 'Wol' and 'Li' were their actual names, however he had nothing else to refer them to.

"And yours isn't?" Wol adorably pouted at him, he fought the grin the pulled at the side of his mouth.

"No,'s normal, right Li-Li?" She turned to look at the man, her eyes wide as pleading. Li looked down at her, a smile stretches across his face, an expression of love and adoration rested in his eyes.

Li placed a hand on Wol's head and patted it a couple of times before leaving it there. "Of course not Wol, it's a beautiful name for a beautiful lady," he winked and she huffed turning a cute shade of pink. Hawk's brows raised, they were extremely comfortable with each other.

"See," she turned to Hawk, eyes narrowing, "Li-Li said it's a 'beautiful name'," she pouted again. Hawk rolled his shoulders, they were going off topic.

"What happened to them," Li removed his hand off Wol's head and began to play absentmindedly with a strand of her dark hair.

"We just knocked them all out," Hawk frowned, surely...

"Not all fifty of them," Wol nodded her head, bouncing up and down excitedly.

"I counted and there were fifty, we wanted fifty-one so we came after the last one," Hawk frowned, shocked. How did two people, one being a fragile girl and both being human manage to beat his elite guards, all possessing supernatural powers?

"Well I'm here," Hawk opened his arms out wide, a grin sliding over his lips. He's going to teach these two intruders what it means to mess with the crown.


One thing Cain did not expect to return to was his master hanging by his ankles from a tree branch, spinning round and round until Cain was sure that the prince would without doubt throwing up what he had for dinner yesterday.

Cain spotted the couple, as they swung the crown prince round and round. The girl was poking the prince with a stick while the man stood beside her leant against a tree, reading what he could make out as the prince's book.

He could have stood there all day watching in amusement at the activity but Cain experienced how those two fought, they were terrifying.

He would not risk the crown prince with them.

He wondered who trained them, they had such precision and their teamwork was exceptional.

Cain stalked over to them, careful not to be brutally whipped as the red line across his face suggests. He had dismissed the guards that went with him earlier, he wouldn't have if he had known that the two would be here as well.

"Get back," he warned them, but both only turned up to look at him before resuming to what they were doing. He found that insulting and he had to rein in his powers not to burst their internal organs out.

"No Cain get back," Cain ignored his prince's warning, at that exact minute he wished he hadn't.

He reached them and was about to reach out to the female to prevent her from poking the prince, but an executing pain shot through his arm, nearly stopping his heart.

He stumbled back, shocked as he tried to figure out what had happened, was she a powerful sorceress? Surely not, she hadn't even lifted a finger let alone looked at him.

Cain frowned, as he rubbed the soreness of his wrist, "what the hell was that?" He might as well be direct about it.

Wol turned to look at him before staring at a hunk of a man called Li, her brows furrowed as she pouted as if expecting the man to explain what had happened. Cain turn towards Li who seemed obvious as to what was happening.

"Li-Li, hey..." Li continued to ignored her, completely unaware that she looked as if she was about to kill him, "hey, hey Li-Li," Wol's frown deepened when Li paid no attention to her.

Wol huffed as she abandoned the prince and stalked towards Li at a fast gait. With a swift motion she had him pinned to the tree he was leaning on and a stick between his brows.

To say that Cain was surprised would be an understatement. Women tend not to fight because of their body, however the kingdom still have female warriors that were respected just bit one that seemed to be...well trained as she.

"Li-Li," Wol growled his name out in a low and dangerous tone, Cain was shocked however he advanced to his prince when her back was turned. He quickly untied the prince and Hawk was fast enough to flip himself over so he landed on his feet.

"What happened?" Cain whispered to Hawk, knowing the couple couldn't hear them.

Hawk shook his head, "I haven't a slightest clue, just I was about to use magic on her, a sudden pain enveloped me, it was as if my magic was protecting her," Cain nodded.

"I didn't really have any conscience of wanting to use magic directly at her, however I knew that if I needed to use magic to get to you then I wouldn't mind harming her. When I was about to grab her, physically, pain jus rocketed off from my arm, it's as if there's something preventing me from hurting her, let alone touch her," it was his friend's turn to nod.

"It's odd," Cain nodded agreeing.

"Very odd." The two men snapped out of their conversation to look at the couple, they stood staring at them. The man's arm was casually slung over Wol's shoulder, it seemed they made up. Wol gave them a questioning frown as she rubbed her chin, narrowing her eyes as if trying to find something in him as his prince, "very odd," she repeated again.

"So care to explain why it seems like everybody here seemed to be shit at fighting?" Cain frowned at Wol's choice of words. Was she really a lady of any household? From her manner of speech and her attitude towards the crown, one could sourly mistaken her for an animal let alone a human being.

"What is there to explain," Cain turned towards the sound of his prince. Hawk didn't seem to mind the couple he found them...intriguing? Cain was confused, his friend never held any interest for a long period of time, however the glint in Hawk's eyes told a different story about these two.

"Everything," one thing Cain could not understand, how are these two like this. Why did they not cower away from the crown? Did they not fear the prince? Clearly from their actions they couldn't have cared less, did they bargain away their life like a chip, ready to be played with?

"Mm sorry love, but I think you know the basic of everything," Wol frowned and Li straighten.

"In actual fact be don't," Cain hadn't missed the slight squeeze of the shoulder Li have Wol when she spoke.

"Right, well you're currently in Ganvillias," Wol put her hand up to stop the prince and Cain couldn't help out the growl of warning.

Wol rolled her eyes and ignored him, she seemed to communicate with Li telepathically, "I suggest you stop communicating with telepathy in front of the crown prince it's rude," Cain growled out. He felt Hawk put a firm hand on his shoulder, reassuring him.

" about no?" Cain hate her sassy unladylike attitude, what kind of woman was she not to listen to an order especially from men, we were higher up the food chain than she!

Such an infuriating woman!

Women are suppose to be seen not heard from, they are the main essential tools for men to indulge themselves in!

Cain growled again but Hawk cut it short,"stop," the simple command was enough for Cain to back off. If he hadn't heard the faint mutter of 'dog' being uttered by the annoying bitch he wouldn't have shifted, and wouldn't have been consumed by darkness.

What a bitch.

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