Moon Goddess


1. Chapter One

A legend that bids a tale of the mysterious pond encircled by shrubs that bears blue roses, situated in the far west wing of the palace, acquaints one's knowledge with the story of a gentle queen who sought peace for her country.

The pond was thought to be tears that she'd shed on the night of a full moon. As the myth goes, the rays of the moon penetrated the surface of the water sending her silvery gaze upon the beautiful queen. Later on the next day, the country was in turmoil at the disappearance of the king's consort. No witness apart from the humble, frail servant who observed that magical night.

Of course none believed her, who would've been convinced at the knowledge of the queen, who was embraced by the moon, disappearing in her arms? The maid was then charge with murder and was tortured till death to confess her sins.

Wol Zhang stared skeptically at the page of her favourite history book that her tutor gifted her for her sixteenth birthday earlier in the year. She frowned at the script that shone out of the book by the torchlight that burnt the crisp pages.

She read over the words slowly, tracing over each swirl of letters and symbols, how did this make any sense? The book states that her grandmother disappeared in the arms of the full moon?

What idiot could come up with such stupidity.

Her personal guard Li Wang wriggled the torch around in his hands, making reading near impossible.

"Stop it you moron," she watched the circle of white light flickering across the letters like a cat. She frowned when he didn't stop, so she elbowed him, hard in the rib cage, sending the page into the shade of cimmerian.

Wol clicked her tongue in annoyance, if Li hadn't been her childhood friend and the son of the captain of the royal guards she'd had sack him by now, although she wouldn't because Li was one of her age and had a sense of humour, unlike the many lords and ladies who lived in the palace.

"Wol, I think it's best if we head back inside," Li stared at the pond mentioned in the book then up at the full moon smiling down at them, her gaze twinkling and anticipating.

Wol shook her head, pouting up at the boy beside her, she couldn't make out his familiar features with only the moon to light the night, "no I want to know if this legend is true," Li frowned at her.

"So what you're saying is that you'll sit by the pond and cry till you rise the level by half?" Wol grinned nodding her head. She closed the book and gently handed it to him before swiftly gliding from where she stood to crouch near the pond. "Then you'll wait, if true for the moon to swallow-"

"Embrace," she interject. Li waved his large hands in a dismissive manner.

"Whatever I don't care, I don't see how you believe in such nonsense, I think it's best if we head inside, you must consider your health Wol," she frowned at his words.

He was right as always, she need to consider her health, being somewhat the only child born into the royal family, she was to carry on the bloodline by being alive and healthy.

It was thought the Zhang bloodline was cursed with only one child per seventy years, hence the reason why one must be careful if royal.

Apparently after the disappearance of the her grandmother, the world seemed to be under a curse with unusual occurrences all over after the incident. "No," she pouted stubbornly at the water, while creating a whirlpool with a small stick she found laying around.

"Wol, you better listen to me before I do what you'll regret later," Wol blushed knowing exactly what he'd do, the last time was embarrassing enough.

She quickly stood up to face him before sticking her tongue out in defiance. Li's brow roses at her childish behaviour, but of course she didn't care, she might be a spoilt princess, so what she wants is what she'll get.

Li plopped the book and torch down onto the grass and Wol squealed at her favourite book being treated in such manner.

She glared as Li took big strides closing the gaps between them, his hands snaked around her waist as he pulled her body closer.

She continued her glare, she knew how Li worked and what made him tick like the back of her hands. He stared intently down at her, she could make out the faint familiar features of his face, from his forehead all the way to his mouth.

Wol stared right back unyielding at the playboy.

They stayed like that for a few more seconds before he bent down the whisper in her ears, "I said you'll regret it later," with that he tried to lift her small body up, but she swung her legs sending both of them falling, towards the pond.

Wol screamed as her body made impact with the water and began to sink under Li's weight. Her mouth filled with water, she shook Li's shoulder to take them back up, but his face was shadowed by the moon behind him.

Invisible forces pulled them down, Wol didn't realised that the pond was that deep and clear, from the surface you couldn't make out the bottom, but from beneath the moonlight penetrated right through the water, embracing them both, a light of safety that guided both of them to haven.


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