Moon Goddess


4. Chapter Four

Hawk had no idea how'd they managed to realise that they were surrounded so easily. He had with him the kingdoms' most elite guards, how could have they possibly known?

Hawk stepped out from the shadow while holding the gaze of the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, Hawk had also realised that she had gained some colour on her cheeks.

Her dark gaze watched his every movement, testing and calculating, scheming what ever smoke they could disappeared into next.

Li helped the girl up, she stood a few heads smaller than the towering man who Hawk believed was either her guard or her lover, Hawk believed the latter, who would easy lip interlock one another so easily?

Hawk watched as Wol and Li stared at each other as if engaged in a silent conversation, they must have been gifted with telepathy, it could come in handy for later use.

Both their attention snapped to him once he stood on the premises of the clearing. The moon herself seemed to shine on the couple brighter than he had imangined.

Hawk was about to speak when the girl raise her hand to silence him, instead asking questions of her own.

"Where the hell are we?" Hawk's guards growled in warning at her attitude towards him, had she not known where she was and whom she was speaking to? Well she might have drowned in the pond, losing her memory in the process because of the moon's power, it seems that the man was in the same situation as she.

Hawk frowned on further inspecting the couple, realised that their clothing was to say the least, odd.

Hawk felt colours rose to his cheek when he realised the girl was wearing one of the most flimsiest, revealing and tiniest underwear he'd ever seen, had it not been for a robe that covered her, he might have though of her being a whore. Although the clothing did wonders to her toned legs and breast.

The man on the other hand was clad in black his black robe suggests that weapons laid beneath its fold. He stood tall and proud in front of the girl shielding her from him.

Oh if only he knew that they were surrounded from all sides.

"Who are you?" The girl frowned and Hawk couldn't help but think of her cute, what is wrong with him?

"Look here mister," Hawk's eyebrows raised, she must be from the neighbouring country, if so he could use her to gain any knowledge, she seems to be important enough." I'd hate to break your 'I'm a freaking badass ruler so don't piss the shit out of me' attitude but seriously be a man and answer a simple question."

From the corner of his eyes Hawk saw the guards shift with nervousness even Cain, who stood in the shadows ready to take any order, looking anywhere but him, and so they should.

The kingdom of Tusmā should know of their prince's anger. That was what made the kingdom so successful and how his father is more than happy to pass the crown on to him, the crown prince, anytime soon.

"I suggest you refrain from speaking in such manner, I assume such a refine lady as yourself realises whom she is speaking to and the traditional greeting," the girl smirked and look at Li as in disbelief.

"Ah sir unless you're a king I bow to no one," Hawk jaw clench.

"Even a prince?" Hawk watched as the girl seemed to calculate something and the slight nod of Li head confirmed his suspicion, they had telepathic abilities.

Wol dropped into a low curtsy, "apologies your highness it was rude of I not to have introduce myself sooner. I am Princess Wol Zhang daughter of King Bai and Queen Hua Zhang, Crown Princess of China," was she mocking him right now? The kingdom she explained did not exist.

Li also bowed, "apologies your highness I am Li Wang son of Captain of the royal guards Fu and Lady Ju Wang. I apologise on the behalf of my princess and our poor behaviour towards you, please forgive our rudeness," they both want to die, Hawk did not understand some people they seem to enjoy throwing their own life away.

Did these two not know the consequence mocking the crown prince?

Hawk cocked his head to the side, foolish humans.

Hawk debated further before turning around and walking back into the woods, his last command was.

"Kill them."


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