Moon Goddess


5. Chapter Five

Wol huffed, crossing her thin arms over her torso.

"He's one lame excuse of a crown prince," she watched Li tie up the last of the unconscious men whom they've taser and battered with a baton and whipped. She had no idea how Li got his hands on those, well she guess being a guard had its advantage.

"Do you always carry that scary ass whip around with you twenty four seven Wol?" Wol giggled as she snapped the whip near one of the men's faces.

"Yep," Li shook his head, making sure that the rope he tied them with was secure enough before standing up and walking to her.

"Should I ask why in gods name you have a bloody taser along with a baton and a freaking bungee rope with you," Li smiled at the princess.

"We'd be dead if I didn't," Wol nodded.

She sighed frowning looking around the woods, the crown prince or whoever the arse he was, ran away seconds ago, she's going to catch up to him and when she does she'll beat the living daylight shit out of the him.

"Nah Wol, whatever's in your head I suggest you don't carry out with it," Li knew her so well, he put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. Wol's frown deepened.

"What he did was treason, I don't give a crap about who he said he was, he ordered the murder of a royal family," Li nodded taking his IPhone out. Wol watch her friend enter the maps, only to find the page blank.

"The hell?" Li shook his phone and pointed it around in the sky trying to find signals, "what...there isn't even a signal! Wait what? Why?" Wol watch her friend baffled expression as he tried to work out where and what happened to them.

Wol began to walk in the direction the man had escaped earlier. She stepped over logs until she found a dirt path. "Oi Li-Li get your arse over here," she turned around to were she had left her friend only to have her face buried in his chest, "can you not?"

"What?" Wol stepped back and looked up at his face, he was still trying to find a signal.

"Come on Einstein you must have realised that there wouldn't have been any signal here in the first place, we're in the middle of the woods for Christ sake." Li sighed as he switched his phone off and place it back inside his cloak.

"What are we going to do then?" Wol turned around and began to walk down the dirt road.

"Follow this road till we find the end," Wol checked her surrounding, if she was going to find anything it'll be at the end of this track.

"And what happens if we walking right into, I don't know a trap?" Wol sighed as Li caught up to walk beside her.

"Then we'll beat the living daylights out of them, to be frightfully honest-"

"Like ever," Li muttered under his breath, Wol ignored him and continued.

"We can take down any number of guards, let's face it Li-Li at home we can take down one hundred elite guards within ten minutes, the guys here are so shit," Li nodded.

"Yeah, I agree with you there, they had been trained very terribly," as he said that he began to wonder off towards the edge of the path ahead of them, "Wol," he called her over and she skipped over to him happily.

Wol crouched down next to him and stared down at the plant leaf that he held in his hands, "what's that Li-Li?" Li shook his head, frowning as he studied the plant.

"I've never seen this plant before, shouldn't you know, you're the one who ace medical history and whatever medical stuff you excel at." Wol smirked at her friend's jealousy.

She bent down and picked one of the leaf off, studying it in her small hands. She scratched her head as she tried to recall any plants or herbs that had a similar leaf structure. She crumbled the small leaf in her hand, allowing an alluring fragrance to enter her nostril.

"Mm, I've never-"

"Ha! You don't know, Wol doesn't know," she glared at her friend as he sang.

"Shut up idiot, I've never come across this plant before," she placed the plant inside her mouth only to have Li painfully slapping her on the back. She spat the leaf right out. "What the hell Li-Li?"

"Are you stupid? What happens if it's poison?" Wol rolled her eyes.

"Then I'd die, I though that was obvious," Li stared at her in disbelief.

"You are way to much sometimes," Li stood up and brush his hands over his thighs.

Wol stared at the plant and decided to pick a few, "hey Li-Li do you have something I can keep theses in?" She picked a few leaves with its stem and handed it to Li who placed them in a plastic container.

Wol jumped up and grabbed hold on Li's hands, "come one big guy we need to find that idiot," Li grinned at her before allowing her to lead them off the path.


Li gripped tightly onto Wol's small warm hands.

"How?" He turned his head to look at her questioning gaze. Li turned back to look at the wall before them.

"Yes, how?" Wol sighed.

"This is completely and utterly stupid," she pulled her hands out of his clasp and he felt cold afterwards. Li watched as the princess began to prod the wall.

"Do you think there's a secret door somewhere, like you know in those stories when the main character is about to be killed and then poof a magic door appears?" A ghost of a smile appeared on Li's lips at her imagination.

"Possibly," he stepped closer to the wall and began prodding, if he was right there should be...ah, here it was.

Li pushed down on a small dent in the wall, allowing the small section of the wall to open up. He chuckled as he saw Wol's bewilders expression.

"Whoa, that's super cool, we should install some into the palace when we get back," Li shook his head.

"We already have some," Wol turned to him, her eyes twinkling.

"Really?" He laughed at her.

"Yes, if you hadn't notice there's one behind your dressing table," the princess stared shocked at him.

Li grabbed hold of Wol's hand and pulled her through the door, it automatically closed behind them.

"Hey, hey Li-Li?"

"Yes?" Li looked round, they were at the palace, so the only road leading to the pond was from the palace. He found that intriguing there must be some meaning behind it.

"Li-Li?" Li turned to look at a glaring princess, he smiled gently at her, she'll kill him if she realised he wasn't listening to her in the slightest. "You're mean," he blinked at her. Wol pulled her hand from his hold again and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Sorry Wol," she sighed and began to walk in front of him. Li immediately caught up, afraid there might be traps, "hey Wol I'm sorry, I was just thinking," the princess continued to ignore him and Li sighed in defeat, "you're so stubborn," Wol continued to ignore him as they rounded the corner of the palace. She stopped suddenly causing him to collide into her back, she playfully glared at him as she put her finger to her lips.

Li frowned as he stepped beside her and peaked around the corner.

There the bastard sat, reading a damn book. His attention snapped to the sound of Wol's soft giggles, the only thing Li was sure about was that the 'crown prince' was in for one hell of a beating.


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