Yes ma'm

My life got flipped right upside down when I come face to face with trouble. Danger is my middle name and pain is my strength. What will happen when I have the choice to leave it for a family or keep it and abandon my family?


2. chapter 2

Reckless is my middle name, I am reckless but I am independent and strong no matter what gets in the way...

With our new house in view I just couldn't stop imagining how I will decorate my new room. Led lights? Double bed? I don't know but it sure as heck will be fun. Tommy, my young brother begins to complain about moving and how he had his friends back in south California, but I never complained, I didn't want to and I wouldn't to be quit honest there was nothing to complain about; I was moving to a better place for me to start a fresh life and see how life will take me, sure I feel sorry I for tommy I really do but he will understand when he's older.

Boxes upon boxer were stacked out side our brand new spanking house. Mum and dad hadn't said a word to me or tommy the whole flight here, I guess they were getting used to the idea of a new area.

All rooms were filled with different sized boxes and I decided to start unpacking saves my mum stressing out and yelling at me. My room was mostly unpacked all I had to do was paint and plan but that wouldn't be any difficult for me considering I love to decorate and paint.

Night fell and it was time for lunch, we had pizza that night because we siding know where any of the shops were or any restaurants so we just orders a takeaway with a leaflet that was left in one of the drawers.

Finally it was time for me to get my slumber and set an alarm for my first day of school. I couldn't sleep, all the emotions where mixed and it just interrupted my beauty sleep.

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