How I Met Him

'Just Collegues' or so they say. Follow Alexis' path to realisation that her future career is bumpier than she would've thought because of a possible love interest. What happens when information about the two gets leaked from the wrong side?


17. The Date part 1

Alexis POV

On the phone, he didn't say much about where we were going except for to dress casual but fancy. When we artived in front of the restaurant, my jaw dropped to the ground:

Silver lights read: GREEN TAVERE

"Please tell me we're not going in there." I said, almost whispering as my eyes grew bigger. I pinched myself at the sight, at which the charming man beside me laughed at.

"Come on." He almost dragged me to our table, me gawking at all of the fancy people inside.

"My dad's the owner it's all on the house." He said casually, in a bored tone.

"YOUR DAD IS THE OWN-" I started saying as a red haired waitress came up to our table.

"Hello, what would you like to order? Oh hey Arty, who is this lively lady?" She said, giving me a warm smile.

"My colegee, now, can we have the usual please?" he said, giving her a warm smile back while I still stay silent.

"Allrighty, nice to meet you. " she said, even though we weren't properly introduced.

"Who was that?" I asked curiously, not thinking before I blurted the words out.

"She wa-" He started saying before a bleached haired, cute girl waved at him, to my surprise, he instantly waved back and smirked at her.

My cheeks started to heat up as I saw her start to make her way over in an overly tight woman suit with a black bow to top it all off.

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