How I Met Him

We all have a secret crush. Will this one stay or will it go?


6. Interrupted

"Yes..?" I asked as I raised an eyebrow.

Esmeralda turned around too, eyeing him suspeciously. How dare he interrupt my meeting.

"Sorry, just checking in." he said as he closed the door.

"I am SO sorry about that!"I apologized about the disruption.

It may not seem like a big deal, but I learnt in university it is like the rudest thing in the world. Hopefully this won't alter the review Esmeralda will give me, I need this job.

"It's alright, where were we? Oh yes I want the top half.." and she carried on describing her perfect dress.

I have to admit it defenitely is a very unique dress. Shame I will only be able to see it in photos.

The end of the session came.

"Oh my god that looks amazing! Thank you so much!" She said as her eyes filled up with excitement.

"No problem. It's my job." I sound like a pro already!

Her eyes started filling up with tears and she quickly stood up to give me a hug.

We said goodbye and I was left on my white leather wheelie chair. I spun around with a wide smirk on my face.

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