How I Met Him

'Just Collegues' or so they say. Follow Alexis' path to realisation that her future career is bumpier than she would've thought because of a possible love interest. What happens when information about the two gets leaked from the wrong side?


5. First Client

"Send them in." I said.

The employee gave a quick nod and disappeared behind the door. When the door opened again, a woman in her 30s came out.

"Hello, I'm Alexis, have a seat." I said in a polite voice like I was taught at University.

"Hey, I'm Esmeralda, but you can call me Esme." she said as she shook my hand.

"Give me one second." I said as I opened one of the draws, looking for her folder.

Inside the folder, I could see, as I expected, why she is here.

"Wow last minute wedding dress I see?" I asked as I scanned the folder.

"Yes, we gave up trying to find my wedding dress at random commercial shops on the street." she said in a worried tone.

"Don't worry, just describe your dream dress and I'll make it happen!" I said as I picked up my pencil, rubber and drawing pad I found in another draw.

Just then, I heard a knock on the door and the boy in the burgundy suit peeped around the door...

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