Crazy World.

There are one main character: Khiara.
The Story:
Khiara goes to a new school. She meets crazy people.

-my own story :)


2. What?

I frown trying to make sense of the lesson. In the middle of the lesson I finally get the courage to talk to the girl. "Hey is Chase yours?", I ask. The girl is confused. "Mine? What do you mean?", She asks. "Are you his girlfriend", I answer solemnly. The girl breaks down in laughter. "Ermm", I say trying not to look terrified. The girl finally stops laughing and looks worried "Wait you're serious?", She asks. "Yep", I respond. "NO! He is so annoying and the school bad boy", The girl says. I say nothing. "So he is the bad guy. Fuck makes me want him even more.", I think as I try to push the feelings away. The bell rings. The girl gets up and stares at me "Oh by the way my name is Elena, whats yours?",asks Elena. "My name is Khiara", I say. She smiles and rushes out of the class. I walk out of the classroom to bump into someone. "I am so so sorry", I mutter looking up at the persons face. Its Chase. "Hahahaha its fine", laughed Chase. I narrow my eyes. "Chase were you waiting for me?", I ask. Chase eyes look into mine. "Yes I was waiting for you", he says solemnly. I look around there's no-one in the halls. They are in class. I look back at Chase. "Chase I'm sorry I got to go to class",I say. I turn to go but feel something pull me back. I look down and see an arm round my waist. It tightened making me gasp. I can feel Chase's breathe on my neck. I freeze, trying to make sense of what just happened. "Khiara how bout we get out of here....", Whispers Chase into my hair. I try tugging but it doesn't work, the feeling comes back. "Chase stop...I need to go to class",I say in a whisper as he brushes my hair out of my eyes. "Why don't you want me Khiara? What do I have to do to make you want me?"asked Chase. Suddenly the feeling I have takes over and I lean in and kiss him. "WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING OUT HERE", Screeches a Teacher. I jump back. Chase does the same. "Were you two kissing", says the teacher obviously pissed. I can feel my cheeks going red. Chase looks at me. Guilt in his eyes. "Detention both of you!", says the teacher turning on her heel and walking away. I see red, anger. "Detention for what? for kissing someone? why? are you jealous?", I say to the teacher's back.The Teacher froze. She turns around slowly. I'm suddenly afraid. I look back at Chase. He has a gleam in his eyes. Obviously telling the Teacher if she hurts me he's going to do something. The Teacher walks up slowly to me. I hear movement and Chase is in front of me. Protecting me. "We should be getting to class, Don't you think?", says Chase in a dangerously quiet voice. I look at the teacher. Her face is filled with red. She is angry because of me and because Chase said that. Chase takes my hand and leads me to my class.

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