Crazy World.

There are one main character: Khiara.
The Story:
Khiara goes to a new school. She meets crazy people.

-my own story :)


1. New School

My eyes snap open. "Ugh...School", I mutter in disappointed. The alarm goes off. "Wow I'm up earlier than the alarm. That's worrying", I think as I get ready for school. I rush into the bathroom and jump in the shower. "Maybe I'll make friends in school! Hopefully", I think as I sighed. I turn off the shower and brush my hair and my teeth. "Maybe I won't...maybe I'll be a loner..I was in online school for along time, I'll forget how to talk to people in real life if it wasn't for my Bestie", I think almost laughing to myself. I rush out of the bathroom and put on a top and shorts. I check my phone. "YES! I still have half an hour! if I'm quick I can make it and meet new people", I think as I rush out the door. "If I'm quick I will be there in 20 minutes", I think. I got there in 20 minutes. There's no-one here. In panic I check my phone to see if I am late, but I'm not I have 10 minutes. "Where is everyone", I think out loud in panic. A boy appears in a blue jumper and black trousers. I gasp as he looks at me and smiles at me. I nearly melt into my shoes as he walks up and starts talking to me. "Hey you're the new kid right?", says the boy. I can't barely talk, my voice has deserted me, so I just nod. The Boy starts laughing as he sees me nodding. "Oh by the way my name is Chase Rivedale", Says Chase. I can hear myself say "My name is Khiara Ravens", I say loud and strong. Chase looks at me and smiles that beautiful smile and says "Khiara? what a beautiful name. Now need help getting to your class". "Thanks Chase, and yes please", I smile as he leads me to my class. I feel like a princess because suddenly people appear and stare at me. "Chase is obviously a popular guy, and he came up to me! why though? maybe to talk advantage of me? I better be careful...", I think as Chase stops outside a classroom. "We are here m'lady", teases Chase. I just roll my eyes and mutter thank you and walk inside the classroom. I turned around and see loads of girls surrounding Chase. "I'm not gonna be one of those girls Khiara, Cope on to yourself", I think as I turn around and sit at a desk and take out my books. People flood in. One girl sits beside me, shes slim and her long hair is glossing and stunning. I blink as she says "I see you met Chase". I just nod and she doesn't say anymore. I expected a 'Hes mine back off' but no she just takes out her books and concentrates on the lesson.

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