Okay Mr Ackerman

"You're not the only one... Walkin' round with a loaded gun~!"
Tch, I bet this is another of those typical love stories...
Yeah, probably.
Juuzou = out of control problem child...
Levi = Irritable Adult (OLD MAN????? CLEAN FREAK LOLOLOL)


9. ...

~Two weeks later~

Things pretty much continued as normally as they could, I'd get up, go to work, If I was lucky I'd find an interesting case, solve it, brag to Erwin, head home, eat with the little bugger that I live with, screw him (gently) and then sleep.... Maybe. The usual crap, day in day out. Why was today any different you ask? Well I asked myself that exact same question...

Today wasn't any different. I sauntered out of my office out of boredom, my eyes flickering around the main room, not much was going on. Juzo hadn't arrived yet, Petra was speaking to a brunette boy standing just in front of her desk, a couple of people waiting around and-

"Levi." Erwin came stomping up from behind with a slightly grave face.

I raised an eyebrow, "Hm? What is it?"

"There's a kid here to see you, he's in uni... we've arrested him before... A few weeks ago, he applied for a job here, claims to be studying forensic science. His name is---"

My eyes flickered to the boy in front of Petra's desk in suspicion. He was tallish, around six foot, wearing glasses. Wait a second. I held up a hand to Erwin. "Nishio Nishiki." I squinted, Nishio had cut his hair, it was shorter now, almost a bowl-cut, a lot neater than it was before. He looked smart, standing up straight in front of the desk in a suit and tie. For a second I wondered what the heck had happened to him, maybe when I'd punched him he had gathered up some sense.

"Yes, that's the one..." Erwin mumbled, quickly adding. "I'm not entirely sure why he's asking for you though."

I shook my head, shrugging him off a little as I crossed the room towards Nishio. He looked up to meet my glare with a nervous smile. I grunted out a, "You look smart," Before grabbing his arm and leading him to my office, adding. "What happened?" With a small chuckle, shutting the door behind me. "What is it? You wanted to speak to me, correct?"

Nishio took in a breath, "You need a professional team right? So--So let me in on it, we'll make a team- Not a professional one--But something close--"

I froze and looked up at him in surprise, cutting him off with a, "How did you--"

"Juzo." He stated bluntly, "Juzo asked me to help out," He rubbed the back of his neck with an awkward smile. "And I guess I kind of owe you anyway... For making Juzo... More civilised." He shrugged as I gawped at him in silence, thinking about what I had just heard. "Juzo should be over soon, he said he was going to collect more people for... 'The plan to commence' or whatever..." Nishio mumbled, pushing his glasses up his nose and shuffling on his feet. "Do you think this would work out?"

I sighed and muttered, "I can't say for sure..." When I thought about it, this plan could work... wondered if Erwin would let me have a case in these circumstances? Maybe, maybe not... I ran a hand through my hair, frowning slightly. "I guess we could.... Wait," My brow furrowed, "Did you say that Juzo asked you to do this?" Nishio looked down a little confused, giving me an unsure nod. I smiled. "That boy never seizes to surprise me."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [A quick time skip, brought to you by Erwin's eyebrows]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Good~ Good~ Good~ GOOD MORNING~!" Like always, I heard him before I saw him, and heard his footsteps getting slowly closer. And like always, he wandered straight into my office, with a couple of unknown faces close behind. He halted when he saw Nishio sat leaned against the wall and grinned. "So you did come!"

Nishio clicked his tongue and looked away with a quiet. "Tch, well of course I did."

I raised an eyebrow at the unfamiliar few in the doorway and Juzo stepped aside excitedly. "So I looked up what makes a good investigating team on the internet, and I found some stuff, AND THEN I scraped together the best people I could find... It's not a PERFECT team, but it's close enough." He tilted his head with an innocent smile, "Nishio can take samples and stuff back to his school's nerd lab and analyse them---"

"It's a university." Nishio stated irritably, "But I guess I can do that."

Juzo nodded once, pulling on the sleeve of a mysterious seeming young man. (DISCLAIMER PEOPLE--- IT'S THE YOUNGER 'VERSION' OF HIM) He had a blonde hair, held back with a thin black hair band. His lip and ears were pierced and he wore a black turtleneck that seemed a little too big, his sleeves covering his hands up. "This is Uta." Juzo hummed, giving a grin to the silent boy that I now knew as Uta.

Uta nodded once, in a seemingly far-away voice said, "Hello." and not much else. Juzo shrugged, letting go of the blonde's sleeve and turning to me again. "He's a lot stronger than he looks, he's quiet and thin so he can sneak around like a spy..." Juzo made some odd hand gestures and made some excitable impressions. "Oh! And he's artistic too. We could use him, Right?" Uta looked away, turning to glance at the girl behind him. Wait a second, I recognised her...

"Itori? Don't tell me Juzo got you into this as well?" I raised an eyebrow as she jutted out her hip with a smile.

"Actually, Uta asked me." She nudged the blonde boy with her elbow, grinning. "On behalf of Juzo." She added with a warm chuckle. "But, I'm happy to help if looks can get us anywhere?" Juzo gave her a confused look and she waved her hand around awkwardly. "I'm kidding, kidding."

"She's good If you ever need information, she knows almost anything about anybody, and if she doesn't she can find it out... Somehow." Uta stated, talking in that far-away seeming voice again, "Though she's a little whimsical." He tilted is head giving a small smile, before turning silent yet again, burying himself into the neck of his sweater.

"And lastly, also leastly--There's Ayato." Juzo grinned at a boy the same height as him. The boy had bluish (purple-ish) hair and wore a half-bored expression.

"'Leastly' isn't a word, dumbass." He rolled his eyes at Juzo, whose brow furrowed in an honest sort of confusion. Ayato sighed, "I'm just here cause I heard there might be... Murder?" My eyes widened slightly and the boy smirked, giving off a sudden laugh. "My God, the old man's face was priceless!!"

I scowled a little. "Call me that again and I'll break your nose, kid."

"He's not joking." Nishio added, pointing up at me with a small grin, adding. "Y'know, I still haven't forgiven you for that.... It hurt." He pouted a little and I gave a small laugh, Juzo began laughing with me and soon everybody was laughing as the whole thing was re-enacted, (safely). With Itori explaining the aftermath and Nishio faking a nosebleed.

I guess this team could work out... Maybe, just maybe.


I know it's kinda short...

Heck, most of the chapters have been short... I'll try and get a longer one out soon :/

I've got a 10 hour art exam over the next two days :/

Wish me luck y'all.

~Your friendly snack-eater, Juu~







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