Okay Mr Ackerman

"You're not the only one... Walkin' round with a loaded gun~!"
Tch, I bet this is another of those typical love stories...
Yeah, probably.
Juuzou = out of control problem child...
Levi = Irritable Adult (OLD MAN????? CLEAN FREAK LOLOLOL)


4. ???????

I sighed in a still kind of disappointment, no one was going to court today, the fight, since it was between two young-uns, there wasn't really a point in sending either of them to court, I firmly believed that after my warning had been ignored by the nineteen year-old, that some kind of consequence should have been brought forth... But alas, I couldn't have everything, and so now I had the boy with an androgynous appearance sat in my office once again. 

"This is stupid," I grumbled to Erwin, brushing my hair from my face with another sigh, leaning on the reception desk.

"I heard about your heroic moves today, Mr Levi." Petra said, cooing with a smile, tapping her fingers on the desk.

"It's not that big a deal." I tutted, rolling my eyes. "I don't know why everyone's talking about it..." 

"Because everyone likes a story with a hero, Levi." Erwin smirked, making a large hand gesture. "Even if it is you."

I gritted my teeth in response, clicking my tongue at Erwin. "Go do something useful you big oaf." I muttered, standing up straight and stretching. "Besides, I've got the problem child to take care of." I shrugged and turned on my heel, leaving Erwin laughing at my curtness.  

I went quickly to my office door, grumbling to myself as I reached for the handle.

"Are you going to Scarborough fair~?" 

I froze at the sound of Juzo's voice from inside, it was calm, oddly saddened... He was... Singing? I drew my hand back and clenched my fist, letting another sigh escape from my parted lips.

"Parsley, sage... Rosemary and thyme..."

I slide down to crouch outside of the door and listen, my head leant against the door. This wasn't like me... But the tone of his voice made me feel as if I shouldn't interrupt.

"Remember me... To one who lives there... She once was... A true love of mine..."

There was a moment of silence, and my hand crept to the door handle, turning it and pushing the door open ever-so-slightly, quietly peeking at Juzo. He was hunched over... In the seat behind my desk--- The brat!!

"No." I commanded, swinging the door fully open. "Out of my chair... Now-" I faltered slightly when I caught a glimpse of his face before he shot up out of my chair, he looked devastated, I decided against asking why as he rubbed his eyes and mumbled something, turning away from me.

He shuffled over to the corner of the room, fitting into it and sitting on the floor. "Sorry..." He then stared at his feet. "I didn't mean to get into trouble again I jus----"

"It's okay. Juzo, I know. It's alright." I let out a breath, sitting in my slightly pre-warmed chair. "You don't have to explain yourself, It's been sorted already."

"You sorted it already~?" His eyes widened, "That was quick, Mr Ackerman."

"Yeah... well, Nishio was eager to leave." I muttered, shrugging the situation off and looking back up at him. "But there is yet another problem that needs to be solved, and that is what the heck I'm going to do with you, dammit."

He wrapped his arms around himself and pressed his forehead against the wall, mumbling, "I refuse to go back to that hell-hole..."

I smacked my desk with one hand, "Juzo, listen to me. Everyone goes through rough times, and although it might seem as though you're not wanted or unwelcome back home, blah, blah, blah. Whatever goes down, has to go back up. I say, man-up brat. I'll take you home." I shuffled through the files on Juzo, writing the noted home address onto the back of my hand and standing up.

Juzo's eyed went wide. "You're joking right?! That's a joke--- Oh God please tell me that's a joke--- What's a joke?!" He began to ramble on as I grabbed him by the arm, hauling him to his feet.

I let out a low sigh, putting a hand onto my forehead and rubbing my temples. "Get moving short-stack, to the car. Right now." I placed a hand in between his shoulder blades and shoved him forward.

He grunted, "I don't---Short-stack?!" He frowned at me, almost in disgust. "We're practically the same height!!" I grumbled in response, I didn't have a comeback for that one... It was true.

I shoved him outside, digging my hand in between his shoulder blades to make him move. He got into the passenger seat and I sat in the driver's seat after a small kerfuffle, including him calling me a 'stupid old man' more than once.

"You good now?" I glanced over at him and he looked away, facing the window with his lips in a childish pout. He didn't answer my question.

No, in fact, he stayed silent for the entire drive, would you believe it. His forehead pressed against the glass of the window, his hands clenched in his lap. Until I turned the corner onto his road, that was.

The street was exactly as Juzo had explained, a hell-hole. The street-sign only half there, bins upturned, litter flying all over the shop and groups of (angsty looking) teens lingering in all of the shadows. Nobody seemed to turn their heads at the police car, it was clearly a usual thing around this area, I mean... The whole place was filthy, I didn't really want to get out of the car, but I had to as I pulled onto the curb, halting the car in front of Juzo's house.

It was just like every other house on the street, unkempt and plain-looking. "Out, Juzo. Come on," I grumbled, "Don't make me come and drag you out, dammit."

"I'm only coming out if we go through the window, not the door." Came the muttered reply from the pale teen. I gritted my teeth, letting out a breath. "Fine, now get out." He obeyed, getting out slowly and mumbling under his breath. I was wondering if it was illegal or not to break into your own house... I guess it was okay just this once.

He snuck around the back, leaning against the wall next to the downstairs window, he then crouched and scooted underneath the window to the other side, silently gesturing for me to do the same. For some stupid reason, I did. Following his exact movements and ending up on the other side, watching as he reached up to the top of the garden wall, pulling himself up using his upper body strength... 'Although he looked weak, it must of took some strength to do that...' I thought, before reminding myself of how ridiculously light the boy was.

He shuffled along the top of the wall, climbing onto the lower part of roof and heading straight for the window in front of him. He looked back at me, grinning as he watched me get up the wall and join him with an irritable glance, he'd clearly done this many-a-times before. "What's the point in this exactly?" I groaned, rubbing the back of my neck, neatening my undercut hair.

"Mama's less likely to know I'm here if I come in this way." He explained, making a large hand gesture before putting a pin into the window latch and wiggling it about with a purpose. A small 'click' announced that his attempt had worked, the latch flicked up and he opened the window, clambering into the room. I sighed and followed reluctantly.

The room was bland, a messy camping bed against one wall, no wardrobe, just a suitcase lying on the floor. The carpet was rough and dirty, I held in my disgust, not bothering to remove my shoes, there wasn't really a point. I crinkled my nose at a slightly damp smell, grimacing. Juzo shuffled on his feet. "Well, this is my room Mr Ackerman..." He mumbled, staring at the floor with a look that said 'Well look at this interesting piece of fluff on the carpet... Never seen that before.' I grimaced.

"This place is filthy.... Is that a camp bed?" I questioned, eyes shooting around the small room.

Juzo smiled nervously, "I'm not worth a real one Mr Ackerman..." I frowned at his response and he headed to the door instantly, as if to change the subject. "I'm going to the kitchen... You coming?" He mumbled under his breath, "I'm not sure if Mama's home."

I followed him quietly down to the kitchen, assuming that Juzo was right, that we were alone. But then the footsteps began. "Rei!!" There came an unhuman sounding screech from upstairs, and Juzo instantly pushed me into the kitchen, slamming the door in my face.

The kitchen was like the rest of the house, cramped and disgusting, but that wasn't what mattered. I heard another screech, but this time it was closer, as if the person screeching was standing outside of the door with Juzo. I decided to eavesdrop.

"What do you think you're doing leaving so late at night?! You can't just come waltzing back here whenever you feel like it, girl! I put a roof over your head, and this is how I'm repaid?!" The voice wailed, there was no protest from Juzo, and all I heard was a thumping sound, followed by a low grumble, and then the footsteps disappeared up the stairs again.

The kitchen door opened, Juzo's slim frame sliding in and slamming the door shut behind him. The was a fresh red handprint on his face, which he seemed to completely dismiss. "Juzo..." I said lowly, raising a hand to touch the red area of his face. He flinched before my hand met him though, shutting his eyes tight as if he had expected me to hit him. I sucked in a breath, "You're not staying here." I stated curtly. "Grab some damn snacks or something and get your bloody suitcase, because you probably aren't coming back."

His eyes met mine and he smiled for a vague moment, as if thanking me. I instantly felt guilty for forcing him to come back here in the first place, averting my gaze as an ever-so-faint blush spread across my face.


"He can't stay there Mr Pixis, Sir." I explained the whole affair to my boss, he listened intently. Nodding in agreement.

"I believe that you're correct levi..." He hummed, raising his hand to his chin as he thought. "Aha!" A smile met his face, "I have an idea!" He held up his hands, and put them out to me. "You can be his guardian, you're the one looking out for him currently, nonetheless."

I almost spat out the tea that I was drinking, uncrossing my legs and staring Pixis with a horrified expression. "I don't deal with kids sir, apart from when I actually have no choice."

"Well then, that's settled it. This is an order from myself Levi. You have no choice.​" He grinned. "Well then Ackerman, from now on... I trust you can take him into your custody?" He smirked at my shocked grimace. He was having far too much fun. However much I hated to do it, I wasn't loosing my damned job over some kid, and so I replied:

​"Of course Sir, on your orders." 






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