Okay Mr Ackerman

"You're not the only one... Walkin' round with a loaded gun~!"
Tch, I bet this is another of those typical love stories...
Yeah, probably.
Juuzou = out of control problem child...
Levi = Irritable Adult (OLD MAN????? CLEAN FREAK LOLOLOL)


8. *yawn*

​[DISCLAIMER: I know that Juzo doesn't have... uh... 'intact' genitalia, but---- *Sighs* For the modern Au, he has... An 'intact' dick. OKAY?! We can just ignore my little outburst and get along with life, Juzo is only circumcised in this au, nothing more, nothing less. End of that little rant. ALSO- I decided against putting full-on smut in here, but let me know if you want it in future chapters~~~ I'd be happy to add it... xD ]

​I rolled over in bed with a groan, my eyes barely open and an odd smell lingering in the air. I let out a breath at the figure in bed beside me, grumbling as I linked my left arm under his, pressing my chest against his bare back with a small mumble of, "Morning..." I buried my head into his bite-ridden neck and took in his scent, he smelt oddly like vanilla. (And sex *cough*)

​I ran my left hand through his hair, curling it around my finger as he murmured, "Good morning," In response, raising his left arm to rub his eyes sleepily. There was a blatantly awkward silence, before he mumbled, "Do you remember last night... At all?" I sighed, predicting that he would ask that exact question.

I grumbled, "My memory comes in bits and pieces..." I then smirked, whispering into the younger boy's ear. "But I remember the best bits." ​I felt him shiver lightly, deciding to ask, "I didn't do anything that you didn't like, did I?" Out of concern. Juzo bit his lip, rolling over to face me.

"Well you did try to fuck me in the doorway." He stated, "You started pulling my pants down and everything-"

I grimaced, "Well that's distasteful."

Juzo rubbed his nose a little, nodding. "You were drunk out of your mind... And my backside hurts..." He pouted, then glanced over my shoulder. "Hey Levi, shouldn't you have been at work ten minutes ago---"

"Oh- double shit!!"


I stumbled through the doors around forty minutes late, a banging headache, and slightly ruffled looking uniform and wet hair. Petra gasped when I came through the doors, getting out of her chair in surprise. "M-Mr Levi? It's not like you to be late--"

"I know, tell Erwin tha--"

"Tell me what?" Erwin came out of his office, running a hand through his blonde hair with a grin. "You look rough, Levi. How did last night's investigation go? You... didn't come back." He sighed, leaning on Petra's desk.

I let out a breath, "The investigation went to shit, but last night was good." I stated, trying to neaten my uniform. Erwin raised an eyebrow,  "Did you take Suzuya with you?"

"Yes..." I muttered, straightening my collar.

"Oh really? I guess that explains the bite marks on your neck-" My eyes widened at his comment and I inhaled quickly, "-Did you get into a fight with--" Erwin's confused expression froze as he saw my reaction, spreading into a grin. "Or was it even a fight? Levi... Care to explain?"

I growled lightly under my breath, "That's none of your business, you oaf." I shrugged him off and turned away, heading to my office, dry-swallowing some painkillers for my headache as I went.


A few hours passed, I sorted out a couple of minor events in the meantime, feeling heavy and tired from that alone. I rubbed my temples and jolted up at a far-too familiar voice in the hallway.

"Hi Erwin~! Hi Petra~! How are you all~?" It was Juzo. He sounded even more excitable than normal, and far more energetic than I felt right now as he skipped into my office, shutting the door swiftly behind him, giving me a small wave and an innocent smile. "Can I help you out Levi~?" He smirked a little as he said my name, leaning over my desk until he was inches from my face.

I clicked my tongue, "So you did turn up after all? Here." I pushed a pile of files over to him, "Do my paperwork, I'm tired." I then rested my head onto the desk, murmuring. "Don't mess it up, you little brat."

"You're tired?" I watched him tilt his head, taking the files and placing them on the floor. "I guess old people don't have as much energy--" Oh, he did not just say that. I gripped the collar of his shirt, yanking him forward with so much force that he let out a small squeal of distress. "What were you saying, kid?" I growled, glaring at him.

He gave a grin, "I was only joking~!" He said quickly, as if to get himself out of trouble. I smirked, pulled him even closer and he balanced on my desk using his knee. His eyes widened and he placed his hands on my shoulders to hold himself up, his nails digging in ever so slightly. "What are you do---" I cut him off, placing my lips onto his and kissing him briefly.

When I pulled back I gave a mumble, "I just wanted to check if this..." I halted for a second, thinking. "If the feeling is mutual, I guess." Juzo gave a very brief smile his eyes meeting mine before he kissed me, no holding back this time, our tongues tangled and I could taste that he'd obviously eaten something sweet earlier this morning. I kept my eyes closed, my hands trailing down his waist, a little lost in the moment.


And then the moment ended, a nervous and unsure sounding voice came from the doorway as I pulled away from Juzo, which was difficult considering that the lighter boy was now sat in my lap. I looked over Juzo's shoulder to raise my eyebrow at Eren. "Mm?" I asked, "What is it Eren?"

Eren was silent for a moment, but I couldn't tell if he was nervous, angry or just plain embarrassed at what he'd just caught his superior doing... (To a criminal) All of a sudden the fifteen year old boy blushed bright red and spluttered out. "I'm so sorry sir I should of knocked, I didn't think that you'd be---With---Do have any jobs for me?!" He stood up straight, gulping.

I sighed, "No, you're fine Eren." I answered to both exclamations. My eyes flickering to Juzo who was now singing to himself very quietly and playing with my hair in a dazed manner, much like a small child who needs a nap.

Eren nodded quickly, as I added. "Why don't you check in with Erwin? No doubt he'll give you something to do." And with that, Eren left swiftly, clearly wanting to get out. I snuck my hand under Juzo's shirt, resting my hand in the small of his back with a husky chuckle. "Does someone need a nap?" I teased, nibbling on his ear lobe.

He shivered, pulling back with a shake of his head as he crawled off of my lap, shuffling the filing paper around with a mumble of. "What a load of horse crap."

I sighed in agreement, twiddling my pencil in between my fingers as Juzo asked, "Can't we take on some interesting case... Like a murder, or something?"

"We?" I raised an eyebrow as Juzo nodded frantically. "Well... I can't take on a murder yet, I don't have the required team like Erwin does, I'd need a team of qualified investigators, at least one scientist for analysation. It's complicated... And that's why I can't do it." I muttered before there was a knock on the door.

"S-sir?" Eren's voice came from the other side of the door. "Mr Erwin... He... He wants to see you..."

"Oh?" I questioned, heading to the door and opening it to find the teen shuffling awkwardly on his feet. "Does he now?"

Eren looked down at me, biting his lip. "He realised that I was nervous and made me tell him what I saw, I'm sorry sir, I really am-- But he-"

"It's fine, Eren." I nodded, already expecting him to say this. Better now than later, I thought to myself, "I'll be right back, Juzo." I muttered, whisking past Eren and towards Erwin's office with a sigh. "What do you want." I half-stated at my superior as I threw the door open.

Erwin frowned, "You know exactly why you're here Levi." His tone was completely serious and I was mentally scolding myself. "I'm afraid that I'm going to have to---" He halted and I took in a worried breath. Erwin grinned, "Nah I'm just messin' with you. But seriously, no sex in the office."

I rolled my eyes, relieved. "We weren't having sex, Jesus Erwin, get your facts right."

Erwin kept his grin, "Whatever, tell the little troublemaker to come to me, okay?"

He chuckled once more to himself and I stomped back to my office, muttering to Juzo. "He wants to see you..." Juzo looked up and nodded once, standing up and proceeding to walk past me. I grabbed him by the arm and swiftly pressed a kiss to his lips with a small chuckle. "Good luck."

I waited for a few minutes before he came back, a small grin on his face. "How'd it go?" I asked, raising an eyebrow at his excitable smile. "What happened??" I asked, and then shut up as he held up a small silver square, a packet... A oh Jesus Erwin, that's not even funny.

"He told us to practice safely~!"

I was going to kill that man, I swear.



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