Okay Mr Ackerman

"You're not the only one... Walkin' round with a loaded gun~!"
Tch, I bet this is another of those typical love stories...
Yeah, probably.
Juuzou = out of control problem child...
Levi = Irritable Adult (OLD MAN????? CLEAN FREAK LOLOLOL)


7. When I can't think of chapter names---be like.

"Roll up your sleeves." Juzo tapped his foot impatiently, biting his lip lightly in thought. We stood in an alleyway, by the door into Helter Skelter, my appearance wasn't what worried me... All I could think about was the germs that the place would hold. I grimaced as Juzo stepped forward quickly, ruffling my hair up with a childish grin. "Better." He then grabbed my right arm and began rolling up my sleeve for me with a sigh.

I clicked my tongue, "What's the point in this...?" I grumbled, allowing him to roll up my other sleeve with a hum of appreciation at his own work.

"Do you want ​to stand out like a sore thumb, Mr Ackerman?" He scowled gently as I shook my head a little. "Then just go with it." He mumbled, heading to the door and opening it quickly.

I grabbed his arm before he went in with a whisper into his ear, "Try not to draw too much attention to yourself." He flashed a grin at me and headed inside, deciding not to answer me. That had to be a bad sign.

The inside was packed, considering it wasn't that late, (Let's say it was like... 7Pm) this surprised me quite a bit, the atmosphere was dim, and a little dark, just like the lighting, but people were chanting, music was blaring loud enough to give me an instant headache, and Juzo was attempting to drag me through a crowd of rough looking people to get to the bar.

"We've been here for less than a minute, and I've already got a damn headache." I grumbled under my breath with a sigh as we sat down at the bar, I was getting too old for this...

"Hey! Juzo! Who's your hot friend~?" There came a woman's voice and I looked up to see a woman with red hair and friendly brown eyes. Juzo mumbled, "This is Levi... Itori... And he'll have the same as me, please." Juzo gave a grin as Itori nodded, serving out an oddly coloured mixed drink, "The regular." She laughed gently, placing it on bar in front of me and beginning to make another. I took a sip and grimaced as it burnt the back of my throat, I didn't usually drink, so the alcohol hit me twice as strong. 

"So Levi," Itori chuckled, placing a drink the same as the one that I was drinking in front of Juzo with a smile. "You and Juzo a thing?"

I almost spat out my drink, and swallowing quickly, bursting into a fit of coughs, listening to Juzo laughing and excitedly saying: "of course!" Far too loud for my liking. I felt like eyes were burning holes into the back of my head, I looked so out of place, I could sense it. Yet Juzo seemed to fit in perfectly.

I gripped Juzo by the collar and pulled him away from the bar suddenly, not thinking my actions through, and not letting go when he squealed from surprise and slight pain. "Why'd you say that?!" I growled not too quietly as he tilted his head in an innocent manner. I felt... Angry, but I didn't quite know why. Dammit, this was why I didn't drink.

"You're drawing attention to yourself Levi~" Juzo purred lightly, giving a lopsided and cheeky grin. "Everyone's staring--"  There was a glint in his eyes and I couldn't quite read what he was thinking. "Think fast~!" He then grabbed the back of my head, pulling me in and pressing his lips against my own. In my head this whole fiasco seemed so damn wrong... But the drink that I'd been drinking was so strong that I forgot to care, kissing him back in an instant.

When he disconnected a few moments later I desperately tried to ignore the string of saliva connecting myself to him, grimacing and shaking my head. "What the hell was in that drink?" I grumbled lowly, turning away from him, but he didn't have time to answer as a vaguely  familiar voice sounded, at first I thought I was imagining it, but after I saw the familiar brown (kinda ginger?) haired figure, I knew for sure.

"Juzo, what the hell are you doing bringing him in here." The figure that I had arrested earlier this week, pushed his glasses back up his nose and I noticed that the before-cracked lens, had been repaired as he jabbed a thumb in my direction.

Nishio took a step closer, muttering. "Bringing a cop in here... You're so stupid. If anyone found out they'd be on you in an instant." He stated, matter-of-factly. Juzo began to comeback with an insult, but was cut off by Nishio. "---Also, did you guys just kiss, or have I had too much to drink?" He narrowed his eyes as I blushed dark, flustered.

Juzo shrugged it off, "Is that a problem?" His eyes flickered to meet the taller boy's scowl, "Why's it any of your business either, Nishio?" He growled slightly, stepping towards the brunette. (I think it is more brown than ginger...)

I ignored the two threatening each other, stumbling back to the bar and finishing my drink in a few gulps. It hit the back of my throat and I hissed at the burning sensation before waving Itori over for another, which I downed, God only knows why, like I said, I'm not a heavy drinker... But something set me off and made me need to drink. I finished my third and put down my glass with a harsh clink, brushing my messy hair out of my face and turning back to watch the continued argument between the two younger boys.

Nishio had just aimed a blow to Juzo's face, Juzo dodged out of the way, catching Nishio's chest in a weak attempt to hit him. Everyone has turned to watch, some chanting them on, others mumbling in worry. It reminded me vaguely of earlier in the week. Nishio narrowly missed another blow to Juzo's face, but his third attempt didn't, it hit Juzo in the nose, the smaller boy reeled back, falling onto his backside with a pained howl. Kicking out and tripping Nishio up with a hiss.

I stretched, getting out of my seat at the bar and dodging around a few people to get to the two on the floor. Nishio scowled, "Your boyfriend's coming to the rescue again, I see. Juzo you're so fucking----" He didn't finish, it took me a moment to register what I had done, I'd become no better than the either of them and ploughed my fist into Nishio's nose with a growl and a shout of, "Shut up! Both of you cut out your whining, fucking Brats!!"

I then stepped back, letting out a low breath and turning away from the surprised stares of the crowd. Now I fitted in like every other person in the damn bar. I scowled around at the gazes, gripping Juzo by the collar and shoving his out of the door with a grumble, leaving Nishio on the floor with a bloody nose and a shocked expression.

Juzo had a slight bloodied nose also, his eyed widened as he began to talk, "Mr Ackerman you just---" He shut up as I shoved him against the alley wall, pinning his hands above his head firmly and kissing him roughly. "You're... A fucking... Idiot." I panted out between kisses, keeping my grip on his wrists tight, tangling my tongue with his and shoving myself against him. "Always... Getting... into trouble... Stupid... Brat...." I planted small kisses down his neck and he whined in response.

"Mr Ackerman--"

"Call me Levi, like you did back in there." I stated, biting his neck hard enough to leave a mark.

"Levi then!!" He gasped out, squirming ever-so-slightly against the wall. "You're drunk!!"

"And who's fault is that, exactly~?" I whispered huskily into his ear, before biting the shell, lightly sucking.

"You need to go back to work-Remember?!" He let out a tiny moan as I loosened my grip on his wrists. His hands moved to my chest in a weak attempt to push me away.

"That can wait." I grumbled, "Stop shoving me away, you're the one that started this, dammit!" I shouted out and Juzo whimpered.

"Can we... At least get out of the alley--- It's cold..." He mumbled under his breath as I kissed his collar, my hands trailing down to his waist. "Let's go.... Home..."

I stopped kissing his collar, instead turning my interest back to his ear, licking the shell and murmuring dryly. "To home we go."






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