Okay Mr Ackerman

"You're not the only one... Walkin' round with a loaded gun~!"
Tch, I bet this is another of those typical love stories...
Yeah, probably.
Juuzou = out of control problem child...
Levi = Irritable Adult (OLD MAN????? CLEAN FREAK LOLOLOL)


2. It seems so.

I was sat back behind Erwin's desk two hours later, now having... What one could call a 'friendly chat' with Juzo, who by now was sat cross-legged on the floor in front of the desk, giggling ever-so-slightly as he told me about himself.

"I only left on... Monday was it? A couple of days ago..."

"... Today is Monday Juzo..." I mumbled under my breath, twiddling my thumbs just a little as I recounted what he'd told me...

He was young when all hell broke loose, and he claims that he doesn't remember much, he refuses to admit that anyone hurt him deliberately, telling me that the bruises were just... 'fall wounds' and the like... But needless to say, he wasn't a very good liar. 'Mama' was his 'legal guardian' but he had ran away due to a 'small disagreement'. When I asked him if he would go back to her... He was quick about shaking his head and so it was obvious that something wasn't right with their relationship.

He smiled up at me and I averted my gaze back to the desk, knocking on the wood a few times before nodding to myself. "Right then, you know thieving is wrong, yes?"

He muttered a quiet, "Of course," before staring at his feet in dismay, "I won't do it again Mr Ackerman." I took a sharp intake of breath at his sincere tone, before rolling my eyes in an irritated manner.

"Fine then, this is your one and only warning. If I see you back here again, just know that there will be consequences." I stood, opening the door and waving my hand in the doorway. "Off you trot."

He grinned in a playful manner, jumping up and skimming past me, out of the office, waving at Erwin, (Who by now was waiting impatiently for us to finish.) and running out of the building at full pelt. "Well then," Erwin uttered a quiet whisper, "what was his situation?" 

I shrugged, resting my back against the wall. "He refused to give me any real information, I'm pretty sure that he was lying for the most part... But I doubt we'll see him again, he said he likes to travel."

Erwin sighed loudly, "-And you let him go? Well that's mighty nice..." He then mumbled, loud enough so that I could hear, "Quite odd for you to be nice, huh Levi?"

I clicked my tongue at him loudly, before grimacing. "I'm still half asleep, didn't get my tea this morning-" Erwin held up a mug before I could finish, a mug of tea.

"I thought as much... Here, I got our new errand boy to make you one." He chuckled, handing me the warm mug, and heading back into his office before I could process what he had just said.

... Since when did we have an errand boy?!



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