Okay Mr Ackerman

"You're not the only one... Walkin' round with a loaded gun~!"
Tch, I bet this is another of those typical love stories...
Yeah, probably.
Juuzou = out of control problem child...
Levi = Irritable Adult (OLD MAN????? CLEAN FREAK LOLOLOL)


3. Errands, Misfits and fighting.

I sat at my desk the very next morning, sipping my third tea of the day (Tea never gets old) and flicking through the files of some minor cases, little ones for times when I get bored... Times like this.

The door creaked ever so slightly and a brown mop of hair peeked through the doorway, "U-um... Sir?" I looked up at the slightly nervous voice, "sorry to interrupt your work... Do you need a refill?" The fifteen-year-old brunette gave a small questioning smile.

"I'm good for now," I mumbled, raising my mug to the new errand boy. He nodded, beginning to slink back out quietly. "Thank you, Eren." I called after him, chuckling a little to myself as he called back with a, "Not a problem." Considering that he was new, and only young, he was pretty good at being an errand boy, checking in on everyone's little jobs and making sure that everyone had a fresh drink when they needed one.

I dropped my files, overhearing a slight commotion just outside of my office, pushing out my chair, (and putting it back ever-so-neatly,) before joining a small bustling group in the hallway. Erwin's voice called out as soon as he saw me, "Levi!"  he called out not so quietly, making the tight group turn to gawp at me with faces stricken with horror and confusion. "Ladies and gentlemen, the saviour to your problem. Levi is our best officer, he's got no big cases at the moment, so I'll see that he gets straight to it!" Erwin glanced at me with pleading eyes, as if to say: 'Help me out here Levi.'

I raised an eyebrow in amusement, "Alright, what seems to be the problem?" I inquired, with a slight glance over at my tall dirty-blonde friend. "Do explain, Erwin," I insisted, "Put my mind at ease is it--"

"Mr Levi, sir!" A quiet voice called out to me, halting when the crowd turned to glare at a nervous looking blonde, around Eren's age. "Uh... There's a fight going on, it started on my street as a small quarrel but... I'm pretty sure that now all hell has broken loose..." The boy gave me a sincere and concerned look, and I nodded. "Alright, then you can show me where to go-"

"Eren!!" A loud voice interrupted me, once again, and a girl with dark brown hair came running from the door, straight to where Eren had taken station behind me. She wore a red scarf and a fierce expression. "It's a nightmare! I told you that you should have applied for a job near me! I had to come all the way here to check on you and-"

"-That's Enough." I snapped, making the young blonde boy jump, and Eren turn to look at me nervously. The girl shut her mouth. "I can sort out the problem, but only if you brats shut the hell up, and show me where this fight broke out." I grabbed Eren by the sleeve and jabbed a thumb over at the girl. "You know her Eren?"

He nodded, "That's my... Sister. Mikasa." I sighed in response, looking over at the blonde with a small frown. "And you coconut?"

He jumped and stood up straight, "A-Armin, Sir."

"Right then," I nodded, "Armin, Mikasa, lead the way." I pulled on Eren's sleeve forcefully. "Eren, you're coming with--- And--" I urgently looked around for Erwin, and shouted out to the back of his head. "Erwin! You coming?"

"Awe, does someone need help?" He turned to us, and chuckled at my unamused face. "Alright then Ackerman, relax, I'll drive." He flicked his keys out of his pocket and grinned, heading out of the building and to one of the best looking police cars. I clicked my tongue, "Car is filthy." I mumbled, getting into the passenger seat and waiting for the three teens to get into the back. "Right then, where are we heading to Armin?" Erwin shut the door on the driver's side with a slightly excitable smile. "Yes, where to?" 

"It's not far," Armin nodded, pointing in the right direction. "Just follow the road down, and take a left. We probably could have walked but---"

"Ain't nobody got time for that!!" Erwin shouted, putting the car into reverse and swinging around as fast as the damn car would go. We then went flying down the road with the alarm sounding, I ended up gripped onto the handle just above the car window, muttering. "You drive like a madman..."

I was clear that there was something big going on, a large group of people had gathered, Tch... Why were they just standing there watching?! Weren't any of them going to get off of their damn asses and do something? I grimaced, stepping out of the car after Erwin stepped on the brakes harshly jolting us forward. All three kids shuffled themselves out of the back as I stepped closer to investigate the scene.

It was worse than expected, probably starting out as a small quarrel but exploding out into a full blown attack, a taller boy was wrestling with someone a lot smaller than him, but considering the size difference, that someone was putting up one hell of a fight. The taller boy growled and hissed in pain, reeling back after a blow to the jaw, mumbling something unintelligible and standing straight. The smaller being looked up, and for a split second my blood completely froze. 

It was non other than the face that I had spent hours staring at just yesterday, the thief, the nineteen year old that just yesterday ​had told me that he would behave himself. That he would stay out of trouble. That I wouldn't see him in the office again. Oh God-damn was I wrong to believe him. I sighed heavily, rolling my eyes slowly and continuing to watch for a moment. I wanted to see what the next few moves would be, and I could tell that as Erwin watched over my shoulder, that there was a slight doubt of my skill by my taller comrade. Hah! Was he in for a surprise!

The taller boy made the next move, wiping a small trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth and letting out a snicker. "Is that all you've got? Come at me ​girlie.​" Juzo stood slowly, taking in a breath and lowering his gaze to the floor, narrowing his eyes and turning away from the boy. Was he... Attempting to leave it? I thought to myself, a little proud that Juzo might just be following my advice. I was knocked out of thought by a shout from the taller boy.

"That's what I thought, I knew that you'd run away with your tail between your legs, so get lost​. Go cry to your mama." There was a definite change in the air surrounding the crowd, Juzo froze, swallowing and muttering something too quiet for me to hear, instead I read his lips. "Mama...?" The taller boy's face changed from confident to confused in a split second. He didn't know what had happened, until it had hit him. Literally. A blow aimed straight to the head, along with the high pitched screech of: "GO TO HELL!!!"

But the blow never actually hit. I wasn't fully conscious of what I was doing, but I had pushed through the crowd in the uproar, grabbed Juzo up with one arm, and swung him over my shoulder earning a gasp from the crowd. The taller boy's eyes widened at how close he had come to most definitely being knocked out by the smaller boy. Juzo squirmed in my grasp.

"Dammit! What is wrong with you?! Wasn't yesterday's lecture enough?!" I snapped, "I thought you were going to stay out of trouble! I let you off scot-free! And this is how you repay me?! You damn brat!" Erwin pushed through the crowd, his eyes just as wide as everyone else's, "Well jeez," He looked at me, shocked. "I thought you had a plan, but I was not expecting that."

"That was not the original plan," I grumbled, keeping a firm grip on Juzo, (who was still desperately trying to get free.) "I was just thinking on the spot." I tightened my grip on Juzo ever-so-slightly, "Can you walk like an adult, or do I need to cuff you?" I questioned. Juzo went limp in reply. I sighed, "The silent treatment is so childish."

I turned towards the car and was met with a whispering crowd, "Everybody clear off! Show's over! Go home, dammit! Scatter! Scram!" I shouted and the crowd instantly started to separate and move away in different directions. Including the taller boy, the one included in the fight. I grabbed him back by the collar. "Not you. Get in the car. Now." I shoved him not-so-gently towards the car, flinging Juzo down off of my shoulder and placing his feet firmly on the ground. He growled at the other boy and I grabbed his arm to prevent any further movements. "Get in the damn car Juzo." I ordered. The taller boy got into the back, reluctantly followed by Juzo. I got into the passenger seat as Erwin got into the driver's seat.

"That was amazing Mr Levi!" Armin exclaimed with a smile, running over to the car, closely followed by Eren and Mikasa. Awe shucks, I'd almost forgotten about these kids. "U-um..." Eren shuffled on his feet, "Do I have to get into the back?" He eyed Juzo and the other boy nervously, I glanced over and watched as Juzo pulled a face. The taller boy rolled his eyes, "It's not me you have to worry about, it's him," he jabbed a finger at Juzo, "He might bite, and who knows. He could have chronic rabies." Juzo's head snapped over harshly at the comment and I barked at the taller boy. "You don't have permission to talk, apart from answering this question. Name?"

"Nishio." He mumbled, taking off his glasses and examining the small crack in the left lens. "Nishio Nishiki." He rubbed his arm, leaning against the door, straining his seatbelt. Eren continued to shuffle on his feet, and I almost felt sorry for him. Almost. "Go home Eren," I muttered, pulling out my wallet and handing him a couple of notes. He looked at me in surprise as I shoved the notes into his hand. "S-Sir? Are you sure-"

"Take the money and go home Eren, you've worked hard, you've earned it." I shut the car door and turned to Erwin as Eren smiled almost In awe. "Take us back Erwin." I grumbled, checking on the two in the back and then facing forward again as Erwin chuckled, starting up the car.

"You're going soft, Levi."





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