Okay Mr Ackerman

"You're not the only one... Walkin' round with a loaded gun~!"
Tch, I bet this is another of those typical love stories...
Yeah, probably.
Juuzou = out of control problem child...
Levi = Irritable Adult (OLD MAN????? CLEAN FREAK LOLOLOL)


1. An AWFUL turn of events.

"Well then, Ackerman. From now on... I trust you can take him into your custody?" I grimaced in return to the smirk on the face of my boss.

He was having far too much fun.


It had all started with me losing my house keys. Now, don't get me wrong... I'm a very organised person, I've never lost my keys before... I instantly knew that this week was going to be out of place as I searched my drawers with a sigh. There was no where else it could possibly be! I was going to be late for work if I kept this up... Damn it all.

I shot up straight as I remembered the spare keys under the plant pot on the windowsill downstairs, and with a groan I flung around on the landing and pelted downstairs to grab them, before heading straight out. 'I'll get another key cut after work.' I thought to myself as I got into my car, arriving at work just on time.

I skimmed through the main doors, straightening my uniform and letting out a quiet sigh. Task number one? Get past the front desk without being noticed. I kept my head down, letting dark hair fall over my face as I dodged the main desk casually in attempt to reach my office... I failed.

"Oh! Mr Levi! Is that you?" I stopped dead, taking in a breath and stepping back a little, to flash a forced smile to the girl at the desk.

"It's me Petra, just like every morning." I nodded gently as she smiled in response, tucking her hair behind her ear.

"I doubt you've ever been late to work Mr Levi, It's just not like you-" Her eyes widened in an unnatural excitement as she gasped. "Oh! Silly me! I was supposed to tell you... Erwin wanted your help with something... It wasn't much, just a pickpocket but-"

"Thank you Petra, I'll take it from here." My eyes turned from the young girl at the desk, to my current... Well you could call him my partner, Erwin. "Right then Levi, I need your thoughts on a little something, you're better at questioning after all..." He put a large hand on my head and I resisted flashing him a death glare, alright Erwin, I'm not all that tall... No need to rub it in. "There was a pickpocketing incident earlier this morning, not much was stolen, just a wallet. Speaking of which, the wallet didn't have much in it... But anyway! I'm getting off track, we caught the suspect easily... Almost too easily... And uh... It's a ​boy​, don't say any different, he tends to snap." He opens the door to his office and nudges me in before him as I raise an eyebrow at the odd comment.

The suspect is sat somewhat contentedly in the seat in front of Erwin's desk, now I understand the comment made by Erwin. It's hard to tell if he's even a boy or a girl, but I decide against bringing it up as I study the suspect some more. He's short... maybe shorter than I am, (Haha! Victory!) with messy white hair that falls in his strained red eyes, which stand out even more because of the dark bags underneath. He looks unhealthy to say the least. Wearing a white shirt with colourful buttons, black trousers that show his ankles, held up by red braces with yellow polka-dots. His right arm is covered in red stitches, along with his neck, the exposed part of his collar, under his right eye and the right side of his bottom lip.

"Had a good enough look now?" The boy speaks for the first time since I've been in the room, and I almost jump, meeting his eyes with my own, resisting the urge to go ape-shit on him as he mutters "...Pervert." under his breath. I click my tongue at him and turn to sit behind Erwin's desk. "Where are your files Erwin...? I can't find anything amongst your mess..." I sigh, moving his mess aside and dumping it on the floor. "Clean it up." I command irritably, as he frowns, crouching down to pick it all up, and handing the files to me with a mutter. "I'll leave this to you then." He rolls his eyes playfully before heading from the room, his mess clutched to his chest.

I let out a breath and turn my gaze back to the suspect, taking a pair of reading glasses from my shirt and checking through the files in silence. The boy begins to tap his foot impatiently and I notice the red slippers on his feet. "So," I say suddenly, making him freeze and look back up.

"Your name is... Rei?" I ask, and the boy's face falls. He mutters under his breath, staring back at the floor, "It's Juzo now..." I narrow my eyes at him before looking back at the files, Erwin has already noted the change in his name. "Okay Juzo, You're nineteen yes?" He nods in response, "Do you live alone? With family?" Juzo shakes his head and mumbles something that I can't hear. I sigh, "What was that? Speak up, would you?" He looks at me with a irritated expression.

"No to both, I don't live anywhere anymore." I raise an eyebrow at him and put down the files to look at him properly. "You ran away from home?" He purses his lips and wraps his arms around himself. I don't know why I didn't notice it before, but his arms are covered in bruises and his left eye is black, the bruises continue on his ankles... It's safe to say that that the bruises continue over his whole body. He then mutters, "I'd rather not talk about it..."

With that, I stand, leaving the files on the desk, and heading for the door before looking back. "Don't move, I need to report something back." I leave Juzo with a puzzled look on his face, and head to the front desk where Erwin stands speaking to Petra. I interrupt their conversation by dragging Erwin aside, he looks down at me with a confused expression.

"That was quick! But really uh, I was having a conversation---"

"Erwin shut up, this is important." I snap at him, completely serious. He guesses that something is wrong, ​really wrong​, and halts his joking instantly. "Alright then, what is it?"

"Erwin... This is a lot worse than you thought. Juzo... I think... I think he's been abused."




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