One day Jake, (as you know Jake pauper) moved into a mansion in LA he made a channel called Team 10 After All he made a website to join, Soon many of people moved in. Jake was technology the owner then he made Erica the team 10 Mom. Many of people moved in...Even TWINS! Marcus and lucas as you know (YouTube channel➡@dorbetwins) then came Martinez Twins...As you know (YouTube channel➡ @Martinez Twins )
Ivan and Emilio, Hold on, Hold on, Let's get to the real story......


2. Jalissa or Jessa?

Jake saw Alissa In her room unpacking, He tip toed his way to his room, and then found another girl in her room, he knocked on her door admiring her beauty, "Hi Jake! How can I help you," "Um hi, Can I get your name," As Jake kept admiring her... "Its Tessa! Or Tess," said Tessa saying in a blushing way. Jake walked back to his room, Starring and the prank his Brother (Logan) Did. *Jakes Mind: Jalissa or Jessa?* At the end of the day it was a dinner meeting, We where arguing about who's the better good looking twins. It was 5 vs 5.

Emilio And Ivan Where ashamed to be up to this mess...They just kept eating.. "Emilio," Ivan said. "Si?" ...."I was wandering if you wanna go up now," Ivan said in Spanish Words. "Si."


Jake knocked on Alissa door "Alissa," He whispered. "Yes Jake," She said quietly. "May I climb in," He said not as loud as he thought. "Uh why not!" She said as loud has she whispered. At night Jake didn't notice they where making out in bed. 


The next morning Alissa said to Jake ''Jake....I'm really sick..." Jake was so confused...he thought she was pregnant "I'm going to check the pregnancy test," Alissa said with fear. After Alissa did it turned out she was pregnant, she was so scared she couldn't tell Jake..After all she did.  "Jake," Alissa said with sadness. "yes?" he said. "I-im Pr-Pregnant," Jake Was so happy for her.


How could the others know? Jake and Alissa had to keep it a secret...      A few months later Alissa was in the hospital, that's when all the team 10 members found out they had s*x. They got home and Jake called his parents and Alissa called hers. The parents where so happy for them exsept for Jakes brother....LOGAN...he couldn't do any more prank wars. At least he was happy for him..Oh I almost forgot there rewind the story...........Before Alissa had the baby Jake perposed to her! She said yes! After a few weeks before the baby was born they had there wedding and now there a mom and dad! Or back to the logan part...Logan told all his friends Amanda on the other side was in love with Logan She asked him if they wanted to have s*x and Logan said yes WHAT THE HECK LOGAN! 

They lived happy ever after, Exsept Tessa well she fell in love with Emilio ....That's another story to think about...

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