The Sound Technician

Hey, I'm Kendall and I'm Magcon's Sound Technician\ DJ and it's crazy when you're the only girl with a group of boys 24/7.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Kendall's POV

"Hey, Good Morning Kendall." The front desk guy said. "Good Morning, Greg." I said with a smile. I walked into my studio.

Hey, let me introduce myself. I'm Kendall Matthews. I'm 20 and I work for YouTube. I'm the sound technician. They have me if they have events I am there to set up the sound or concert. I am also there if their is a tour for famous Youtubers. Wow a lot of "I am there's". Well that's me. You might be asking how am I 20 and don't I need to be in collage. Well.... Good question. I was a nerd in high school so I had a really high GPA so a lot of collages offered me at a early grade. I pick a collage and went to collage the last 2 years of high school. I know crazy, right? But it worked for me I guess I was "that" smart but I also had no life. I was always studying, like it just took over me but it was worth it. I graduated last year from collage. My birthday is next month. I also work as a part-time DJ. It's fun making music. I do it on my free time. Which is most of the time. I get pay good....a little to good for doing nothing. Basically they just call me when they need me so I have a lot of free time on my hands.

I was working on some remixes when I heard a knock at the door. I responded with a "come in" and Jay came in. Jay is my boss's assistant. Also, He is a player. He like, dates every girl that walks in this place. I hope he changes cuz he is disgusting.

"Hey Kendall the boss wants you." He says with a grin. Oh great.

"Oh okay, I will head there right now." I said. I started to walk to the door when I felt his hand pull me back.

"Wait, Hot stuff! I wanted to know if you would like to go out tonight? He asks. Ew!

"No thanks." I said and walked out the door.

I felt uncomfortable. I got in the elevator and pressed on the button 4 and it went up. It stopped at floor 3 so I stayed in. 2 good looking guys came in. One of them with blue eyes was about to press one of the buttons but backed up. I guess they're going on the same floor as me. One of them looked me and smile at me.

"Hey, I'm Cameron Dallas." He said reaching out my hand to shake it. I shook it.

"Hi, I'm Kendall Matthews." I said. They both look at each other weirdly and back to me.

"Are you the sound technician?" They asked at the same time. I giggled at how funny they looked and sounded.

"Yes, I am the sound technician. Why?" I asked

"Are you going to see Mr. Sullivan?" Cameron asked. Mr. Sullivan is my boss.

"Yes....?"I trailed off. Wondering what they were getting at.

The door open and we got out together and they followed me into the office.

"Kendall, I have been expecting you. Come, sit." He demand.

" I can see you already met Cameron and Nash." I nodded. So that's what the blue eyed boy name was.

"Well.... This is going to be easier then I thought. Boys, came sit with us." He demanded them. They did what they were told.

"So..... Kendall. I wanted to know because you are good at using different kinds of set ups. Like, boys she's amazing.... I don't know how she does it. She always figures out how to use different sound set ups. Most people has to look it up how to use it but she..... She just jumps in. It's like she speaks the language. Oh and boys I know you use this at your shows so don't lie saying you don't. She is a part time DJ and she has her own remixes. She uses the studio on her own time. So use her!" He says proudly. So.... I guess he likes me. I really never knew.....

"So.... Kendall, I was talking in a meeting with Vine and we made an agreement. So YouTube is sponsoring vine for a tour. I was talking about you.... And you got the job to be sound for the Magcon tour. I know how much you love tours so I signed you up already... If that was okay with you?" He asked. I smiled from ear to ear.

"OMG!! Yes I would love too and being you're DJ even better." I stated excitedly. Looking at the guys. They smiled at me. Nash spoke.

"Hey, look it's going to be fun. Just by seeing how happy you look right now. We're going to get along." He said with a smile.

Cameron nodded and said "Yeah cuz our last sound was so boring and uptight. He always got mad at us. I guess we were that annoying." He laughed. I nodded smiling.

"Well... Don't worry I am not uptight. I could be sometimes but that's rare." I said smiling.

"Okay so Kendall the tour starts next week. So you have to go pack. Okay?" He asked. I nodded. "Okay. Nice making business with you." He said walking towards the door.

"Oh and Kendall......" He turns around.

"Keep on impressing me." He said with a wink and walked out.

I looked at the boys and they smiled.

"So... You hungry?" Cameron asked Nash nodded. I giggle.

"Umm... Yeah sure. Just let me get my stuff and we could go out." I said to him. He smile and they followed me out.

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