~Melanie Help~

something has got into Melanie shes getting just a little to....crazy


5. ~Tag your it~

Melanie: just kill me already
Sally: never, i love you
Melanie: if you love me then why are you torturing me
Sally: i do it for us
Melanie: for yourself
Sally: SHUT UP i do it for us!
Melanie: ok ok..geez
Sally: know i remember seeing you hang out with some wolf
Melanie: yeah he bully's me..his name is tag
Sally: let's kill him,he shouldn't ever mess with my bestie
Melanie: aw well ok thanks 
Sally: of course were besties
Melanie:*smiles* besties forever
~At night~
Melanie:*walks to a blue bright cave goes inside and sneakily hide under the table*
Sally: terrible hiding
Melaine: sorry i never won hide and seek
Tag:*sniffs* i smell milk and cookies...melanie!
Melanie: uh oh
Sally: dammit just get out there*controls melanie making her get out from under the table*
Tag:*stares at melanie and growls*
Melanie: um..hey there*gulps* tag..
Tag: last time I saw you, you put poison in my cookie
Melanie: oops must have spilled it in the cookie
Tag: there was a video you were laughing and pouring milk on my face
Sally: just kill him
Melanie: he's a wolf I'm and baby bean ill die
Sally: not on my watch*controls melanie making her do a flip going behind the wolf and making her wrap her arms around his neck choking him*
Tag: *scratches her arm choking slowly dies to the floor*




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