~Melanie Help~

something has got into Melanie shes getting just a little to....crazy


2. ~Sally~

Melanie:*plays with barbies then hears a voice*
Voice: hello there
Melanie: who are you! get out
Voice: im a voice in your head
Melanie: shut up,really i always wanted one
Voice: well lucky you
Melanie: whats your name
Voice: sally
Melanie: nice and im-
Sally: Melanie
Melanie: how did yo-
Sally: because im in your head i been here for awhile
Melanie: wow,well make yourself at home
Sally: thanks..bestie
Melanie: oo a bestie
~doorbell rings~
Melanie: oh its probably blueboy
Melanie:*opens door*
Blueboy: hey wonderful death
Melanie: love the name thanks
Blueboy: your quite welcome
Sally: why is he here!
Melanie: because he buys me stuff hes epic
Blueboy: who are you talking to?
Melanie: sally 
Blueboy:*looks around* um ok
Sally: kill him!
Melanie: why hes epic
Sally: he wil ruin our friendship dont you see 
Melanie: no no he likes me more then that
Sally: exactly! he will brake us apart
Melanie: i-i guess so
Blueboy; well i cant hear sally but tell her i said hi
Melanie: i think you want to say bye
Melanie:*grabs pocket knife and stabs blueboy's head*
Blueboy:*falls to the ground bleeding and dead*
Sally: wonderful!
Melanie: well im gonna miss him..
Sally: its ok ill be epic for you melanie
Melanie: oh..ok
Sally: now burn his body and smell his ashes
Melanie: woah your crazy....i like it
Melanie:*drags Blueboy's body and throws him in the chimney fire...know what
Sally: lets eat milk and cookies!
Melanie: ooo my favorite


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