~Melanie Help~

something has got into Melanie shes getting just a little to....crazy


3. ~Mrs.potato head~

Melanie:*walks to the front of the door* d-do i really have to do this
Sally: yes you do!
Melanie: but we worked so hard on the video for my song Mrs.Potato head
Sally: so???
Melanie: and i made it for her for all the times she helped me and stayed next to me
Sally: well to bad because ill be there for you not her!
Melanie:*sighs and rings the doorbell*
Mrs.Potato: coming!*walks with high heels clucking on the ground* ohh hey melanie its been awhile
Melanie: *scratches arm* y-yeah it has
Mrs.Potato: well come on in
Melanie:*sits on couch*
Mrs.Potato:would you like a drink and oh yeah you left one of your sippy cups here
Melanie: my bad and sure
Mrs.Potato: let me guess milk and cookies
Melanie: you sure know me*smiles sadly*
Mrs.Potato: of course i do melanie i love you
Melanie: i l-love you to
Mrs.Potato:*pours milk in sippy cup,grabs two cookies puts it on a plate and hands it to melanie*
Melanie: thanks
Mrs.Potato: no problem*sits next to melanie*
Melanie:*sips milk from sippy cup and bites on cookie* so um..how's your face doing
Mrs.Potato: well its been burning after that stupid surgery from that stupid guy
Melanie: its ok i think your still beautiful as ever
Mrs.Potato: oh melanie i dont know what i would do if you werent there for me
Melanie: same *smiles*
Sally: stop melanie Your hurting my feelings
Melanie: im sorry i..
Mrs.Potato: huh?
Melanie: oh uh not you
Mrs.Potato: oh haha ok i need to use the restroom ill be right back
Melanie: oh ok
Sally: kill her now!!!
Melanie: its to hard i love Mrs.Potato shes like a mom to me
Sally: i dont care!
Melanie: i do!
Sally: KILL HERR!!!!
Melanie:NOOO!!* drops sippy cup and runs out of house*

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