~Melanie Help~

something has got into Melanie shes getting just a little to....crazy


6. ~Gingerbread Man~

Sally: i have to go for awhile
Melanie: what!but i killed so many people for you and i thought you were my bestie 
Sally: I am, i just have to talk to someone for a couple of weeks or just maybe one-week I'm not sure
Melanie: oh so you can have friends but i can't
Sally: its not a friend its my boss and when i come back i have a surprise for you
Melanie: really *smiles big* ok ill miss you
Sally: me to and remember not to talk to anyone and eat plenty of milk and cookies
Melanie: yes ma'm*feels sally disappear from my head* well at least i have my mind to myself
~Next day~
Melanie:*walks to a bakery and opens the door* mm smells so good
worker: hi,im the new baker here i want to get to know my customers
Melanie: *smiles* hi im melanie i come here almost every morning
worker: oh and im ginger but people like to call me gingerbreadman
Melanie:*plays with hair blushes and giggles* its a cute name
Ginger:*blushes* thanks
Melanie:*remembers what sally says* um can i get something
Ginger: oh im sorry, what would you like
Melanie*thinks to self**should i get a gingerbread man to flirt with him or just a big chocolate chip cookie like i always get*
Melanie: can i get a gingerbread man
Ginger:*blushes and smiles* coming right up cupcake
Melanie*thinks to self*did he just call me cupcake aww*giggles*
~20 minutes later~
Melanie:*reads a book at a table*
Ginger:*walks up to melanie and places gingerbread man on the table and sits at other side* its my break may i join you
Melanie:*blushes* s-sure *grabs the gingerbreadman*
Ginger:*looks at melanie*
Melanie:*licks inbetween the gingerbread man legs*
Ginger:*boner pokes up*
Melanie:*bites and eats the gingerbread man's leg* mmm
Ginger: s-so do you like the cookie
Melanie*eats* mmm its yummy
Ginger:im glad you like it
Boss: AY ginger back to work!
Ginger: oh  y-yes boss*looks back at melanie* so ill see you around?
Melanie: *winks* i bet you would
Ginger:*blushes and smiles*
Melanie:*bites bottom lip and looks down at plate to see a phone number looks at ginger and smiles*


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