~Melanie Help~

something has got into Melanie shes getting just a little to....crazy


4. ~Get away~

Sally: why didn't you kill her like i told you!
Melanie: because i love her more then you!
Sally: you shouldnt have said that...
Melanie:*eyes widen*
Sally:*controls melanie and makes her grab a knife and pulls it close to her neck*
Melanie: stop! no please stop!
Melanie: no stop!
Sally: SAY IT!
Melanie: NO!
Sally: SAY IT!!
Melanie: NO!
Sally: SAY IT!!
Melanie: I LOVE YOU!*gasps for breath*
Sally:*makes the knife drop from her hand* haha good
Melanie:*sits and crys on knees*
Sally: you big baby,you better kill her soon
Melanie:*weeps and crys*
~Door bell rings~
Sally: mhm who ever that is,is going to die
Melanie:*gulps and walks to door and opens it*
MadHatter: hello's melanie how are you today
Melanie:*gulps* mad you have to get out of here
MadHatter: why so?
Melanie: you have to stay away from me..
MadHatter: but M's i love you to much to do so
Melanie: im sorry mad but i dont want you to die..
MadHatter: ?
Melanie: GO!
Madhatter: b-but M's
Sally:*controls melanie to pull out knife*
Melanie: GO!
MadHatter:*gasps and runs out*
Melanie:*drops the knife and crys* how could you control me..
Sally: im all over your nerve system if you listen to me you will be just fine
Melanie: *crys*


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