~Melanie Help~

something has got into Melanie shes getting just a little to....crazy


7. ~Bombs are falling Monday morning~

Melanie:*thinks to self*I really like him but sally won't like me*
Melanie:*walks and sits by the phone* should i call him*heart beats fast* damn i can't help myself*types number and calls
~Phone connects~
Ginger: hello?
Melanie:*takes a deep breath* h-hi its mel
Ginger: ohh hey melanie
Melanie: hi
Ginger: how are you
Melanie: im good just um..*thinks* eating cookies
Ginger: your a cookie
Melanie:*covers phone with hand and screams while blushing*
Ginger: you mind if i come over? my shift is done
Melanie:*thinks**what if sally comes back and sees him*
Ginger: hello??
Melanie: y-yeah you can totally come over
Ginger: great just text me your address and ill be there at 3, is that ok?
Melanie:*turns and see's that the clock says its 1:30* yeah its ok 
Ginger: great..so ill see you then?
Melanie: yeah*blushes*
Giner: k bye
Melanie: bye
~Hangs up~
Melanie: *looks around her pink fluffy house* i need to clean
Melanie* gathers up teddy bears and dolls and puts it on the shelf in the living room dusts off the small tv*
~doorbell rings~
Melanie: *puffs up hair twirls around in a cupcake dress and quickly apply lipstick*
Melanie:*opens the door to see Ginger in a blue suite with a rose in his hand*
Ginger: hello melanie you look amazing
Melanie:*blushes smiles* thank you gingerbreadman you don't look bad yourself
Ginger:*pulls out a purple box with a bow and hands her the rose*
Melanie:*sniffs rose* oo is that for me
Ginger: it will be if i may come in
Melanie: oh my bad *moves out the way*
Ginger:*walks in and sits down at the table*
Melanie:*remembers my necklace then runs to get pacifier necklace to put on*
Ginger: your home seems cozy
Melanie:*runs back to table holding necklace in hand*
Ginger: oh do you need help putting that on
Melanie: yes thank you
Ginger:*walks up to her and puts it around her neck clipping it on*
Melanie:*blushes* t-thank you
Ginger: your welcome*hands her the box*
Melanie:*claps her hands* oh you shouldn't have
Melanie:*opens box and sees a gingerbread man necklace* its-its beautiful
Ginger: its to always remember me or have me next to you if anything happens
Melanie:*feels something wired in my brain* um you need to get out of here
Ginger: wait what?
Melanie: you heard me go! *pushes ginger to the door, opens him and pushes him out*
Sally: guess who's back
Melanie: i knew it, i felt you come back to my brain


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