~Melanie Help~

something has got into Melanie shes getting just a little to....crazy


1. ~Blueboy~

Melanie:*drinks milk from sippycup*
Blueboy:*knocks on the door*
Melanie: fuck you people get out!
Blueboy:*rings doorbell*
Melanie:*sighs and walks to the door to open it*
Blueboy: hurry let me in
Melanie: what do you want*folds arms*
Blueboy: t-to talk
Melanie: is that basic bitch gonna come
Blueboy:*shakes his head*
Melanie: ok... come in
Blueboy: *walks and sits on puffy pink chair*
Melanie:*sits on the other side* 
Blueboy: oh yeah before we talk i have something for you*pulls out a pink box with a bow*
Melanie: ooo yay
Blueboy:*passes it to melanie*
Melanie:*opens and sees a baby head necklace* I LOVE IT!
Blueboy: i knew you would
Melanie*runs to other side of table and hugs blueboy*
Blueboy: and..well that girl tortures me to buy her stuff.
Melanie: you could tell her your broke from buying me stuff
Blueboy:*laughs* i-i love you
Melanie: oh i know
Blueboy:*blushes* how did yo-
Melanie: it was noticeable
Blueboy: oh..well do you love me
Melanie: im not sure your kind of a wimp
Blueboy: what!..how
Melanie: your scared to dump that basic bitch
Blueboy:*sigh* that is true
Melanie: m is always right
Melanie: ugh, it means melanie is always right!
Blueboy: oh..yeah
Melanie: ughh


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