All alone, surrounded by everybody

Dette er et digt, jeg har skrevet på engelsk lavet ud fra metoden spoken words.
Det handler om hvordan det er at føle sig alene, selvom man er omgivet af en masse mennesker.


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I feel all alone

But at the same time people want my attention

It’s like, I’m caught in a zone

Where people have too many expectations

I feel like nobody cares at all

And if I would disappear, nobody would notice

But of course it’s not their fault 

I’m just overthinking like always


It feels like, I’m a part of something

Like people will share their thoughts with me

At the same time I feel like, I’m a part of nothing

With all my thoughts I’m drowning in the sea

I’m trying to escape

But I don’t know what from

Now look at my mind shape

It is filled up, broken, cracked, messed, but empty


How am I supposed, to do my best

When I think, that nobody cares

Often I hurry so much; I get stressed

Now it’s time to leave the stage and take the backstairs 

I need to relax and take a deep breath

Remember that, my friends love me

And remember, what they said


 They said

Do not take care of us, focus on yourself

We believe in you, and we will be there, when times get tuff

But it’s like, they are talking to somebody else

I’ve just had enough

I watch their posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Messenger

They're sharing their wonderful life.

Often it’s all staged, I tell myself to remember

But still I get a bit jealous, cause I feel alone in this mystic world



- Caroline Zakariassen

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