ive always had a heart for animals but my dad was an abuser not human abuser animal abuser ..... what happens when sarah finds an abused horse that her dad abused?


1. fresh start

ive always had a big love for animals seeing my dad hurt them brang me to tears . i woke up the sun in my face .i walked downstairs "morning sarah" my dad said like of nothing happend yesterday "sup dad " i sat down at the table and eat. a while after i got up and told him i was going to my friends house.i liead. i got up put chlothes on my vest shoes and cap. i walked out then i started running into the direction of the barn.it was my happy place i loved riding allthe horses and taking care of them. when i arrived i saw a new black clydsdale horse he was buitiful i looked at who owned it and i saw my dads name i looked at the horses body and saw my dad have been abusing him .i almost cried . i went in nicely he got spooked i calmed him down and took some hay off the tray some grain and gave him water. he looked happy i put an aple down then left. i marched home angry . i walked in and slamed the door behind me."dad we need to talk" i said angry "ok sarah" he said . " me and louis went to the barn and i saw the horse " " what horse" he told me faking not to know what i was talking about "why... why did you do it dad you know i love animals and you know it breaks my heart " i said almost in tears he tried to say something but i yelled "YOU MONSTER" i then ran upstairs in my bedroom locked the door and texted louis  laughed as he tried to get out of the friend zone .....


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