ive always had a heart for animals but my dad was an abuser not human abuser animal abuser ..... what happens when sarah finds an abused horse that her dad abused?


2. big changes

i woke up and ran downstairs avoiding my dad . "sarah im sorry so i decided ill trie to stop animal abuse and you can keep-" "thx dad so much " i cut him off and hug him . i texted louis put my barn stuff on then left . i joined louis at the school and we ran to the barn i told him everything he was confused cuz he never saw the horse we finaly got there and i showed him the horse  "whoa hes really messed up " louis told me looking at the horse "what should i call him ?"  "idk you decide " "hmmmmm... buddy!!"  " yes !!" louis shouted . i took freash food and fed all of them i gave alot to buddy i gave him triple then the other horses .

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