ive always had a heart for animals but my dad was an abuser not human abuser animal abuser ..... what happens when sarah finds an abused horse that her dad abused?


3. 1 year

it made 1 year that buddy was mine finaly he back to normal weigth but abit less fat . i took a sadle and the blankets for him i took the brushes and a bridle . i took him out and tied him in the aley way.i brushed him and all his winter fur came off . i put his blankets on and saddled him up .i pit the bridle on and brang him outside . buddy was so big louis had to help me up. i started by troting him his head was down it was wierd how he troted perfectly and knew everything i knew. i finished by galloping him alot he never wanted to stop i could tell he was perfect i loved my buddy i started to feel something on buddy something i never felt . love. i never loved an animal like this and i felt i was finaly loved by a horse i know louis loves me the way he wants to get out of the friend zone but he stuck here until i finish high school.

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