All for Love

Regina Mills is looking for love. One, two, three, four, five, six. That's how many husbands she's had. Does she finally find the one that's meant to be?
Daniel Colter- divorce
Leopold White- beheaded
Jefferson Hatter- suicide
Graham Wolf- divorce
Rumple Gold- beheaded
Robin Hood- survived


6. Rumple Gold

Rumple Gold

Old and bold

Wanted a son

Wanted a child

Wanted this

Wanted that

He didn’t have a son

He didn’t have a daughter

Him well he was slaughtered.

Next marriage came around and I married an imp. Rumple Gold was the dealer of England. He dealt drugs and he snatched babies. He was a regular all around the edges criminal. He was also as horny as hell. Four years I was married to him and not a child was produced. Michael, Snow, Grace and Emily didn’t need to be around such a criminal. One night he was as drunk as hell and confessed to me something terrifying while we were making out.

“I killed my wife and all my children. She wouldn’t give me a son. I want to kill your fat little kids. I’m going to fuck you up with ten sons.”

“Well that’s nice.”

       The next day I ordered his head to be cut off before my eyes. I wiped my hands clean of this problem. At least he got to spend his last night with one hot mama. My children ran to me and confessed everything they ever heard come out of his mouth.

“Yes Snow.”

“He said he would kill me.”

“He won’t anymore. Mama said off with his head.”

“I know I heard you. I’m glad I didn’t have to watch.”

“I promise you four, I will find you a father that loves you more than I do.”

“Mama please doesn’t get a bad guy?”

“I know babies, I promise this time I won’t”

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