All for Love

Regina Mills is looking for love. One, two, three, four, five, six. That's how many husbands she's had. Does she finally find the one that's meant to be?
Daniel Colter- divorce
Leopold White- beheaded
Jefferson Hatter- suicide
Graham Wolf- divorce
Rumple Gold- beheaded
Robin Hood- survived


3. Leopold White

Leopold White was number two

He wanted a few (sons)

I tried with all my might

And later gave him Snow White

He had a daughter

But him I did slaughter

Why? He was trying to kill me.

Old Man White or King Leopold was an arranged marriage. He was getting so old and he wanted me to give him ten sons before his death. After three miscarriages I delivered him a daughter. We named her Snow White and she was our perfect little angel. One night at the ball whilst I played with my two tots I caught wind of Leo’s plots to have me beheaded. The next day I exposed to the entire kingdom that his mother’s death was no accident. Leo admitted to killing his mother and I calmly said

“Off with his head.”

His last words to me were simple, calm and true. They were simple elegant and showed me that he loved me. But it’s too late for that.

“Regina, I love you. Don’t do this.”

“Off with his head.”

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