All for Love

Regina Mills is looking for love. One, two, three, four, five, six. That's how many husbands she's had. Does she finally find the one that's meant to be?
Daniel Colter- divorce
Leopold White- beheaded
Jefferson Hatter- suicide
Graham Wolf- divorce
Rumple Gold- beheaded
Robin Hood- survived


1. Isn't Life Grand?

 Men are pigs; men are cowards that always run away when things get tough. So what does a queen do when her husband runs off to marry some pretty princess and leaves his queen with his children? The queen hunts him down and punishes him. A couple years ago after I married my sixth husband a villager wrote a song about his queen’s escapade. What happened to him? He hung on account of treachery.

A liar they called me. A thief, a murderer and someone that only a beast would ever truly love. I laugh at them. I’m a beautiful queen and it’s no secret that I’ve been married six times to six men that are so different and so much alike. They all married me and they all became cowards. 

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