All for Love

Regina Mills is looking for love. One, two, three, four, five, six. That's how many husbands she's had. Does she finally find the one that's meant to be?
Daniel Colter- divorce
Leopold White- beheaded
Jefferson Hatter- suicide
Graham Wolf- divorce
Rumple Gold- beheaded
Robin Hood- survived


2. Daniel Colter

Daniel Colter was number one

So I gave him a son

He wanted a divorce

I said of course

Later he died

And I didn’t cry

Some people might say why?

Daniel was number one all he wanted from me was a son. We met when I was a young and naïve princess from Enchantria. He was a young and handsome stable boy who worked for my parents. I gave him little darling Michael in our second year of marriage. After three years of marriage he fell in love with a peasant of his own social status. He asked me for a divorce. I wanted to behead him on the spot but karma got him a year after he left. A year later when Mike was two we received a letter than Daniel had died. I didn’t cry he left my child and me. The villagers were angry that I didn’t grieve but whatever right?

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