~Tyler's Kiss~

I felt his warm lips on mine it tasted sweet it felt like heaven oh Tyler..


6. ~were getting there~

i thought of a idea then blushed to my idea "um this may sound wired but..could you take your pants off" i said and tyler blushed and smiled with his cute red cheeks and no questions asked he took them off and i stared at his legs awkwardly and he waved "you ok there?" he said and i woke up "oh uh yeah" i was so embarrassed i took his pants and threw it up in the small door then i tied the leg parts together ''know we climb up there to try to find a escape" i said with a proud smile "good thinking and my legs are cold" he said and i giggled and i tugged my arms around the pants and climbed up and sat on top of the elevator and he tugged his arms around the pants and started to climb and i noticed the pants were slowly untying so i gripped hard at it "come on climb quick" i said and he did and when he got to the top we hugged each other then blushed. we looked up to see the cord that moves the elevator and we saw the doors where people entered,but it was really high up "so uh what are we gonna do" he said and i thought "um i guess where gonna have to use all our clothes" i said shyly and he laughed 'i think if we use everything we got it will be a long enough rope to climb up,but we have to do it quickly before it unties" i said and i grabbed the pants we use to climb up here and he took off his shirt as i pretend not to notice and i tie the arm sleeve to the leg part of the pants then i blushed and slowly took off my pants and he turned around "i wont look dont worry" he said and i giggled then i took off my shirt and tied both together and tied them with the others and he knew what he had to do so he slowly took off his boxers and covered his hands so i couldn't see and and took off my bra and panties and a tear came from my eye as i blush geez im so emotional i tied everything together and tried to throw it to the top but i was missing "um could you um help" i said and he slowly uncovered his dick and grabbed the clothes "ok but dont look" he said and i nodded and blushed and when he threw the clothes my head tilted and my eyes were directly looking at his dick he looked at me and the clothes smacked me right on to him and we were looking at each other while his dick was rubbing against my leg and i cried "oh um im sorry'' he said and i smiled "no,no im sorry i shouldn't have looked'' i said "well my dick could be very fun to look at" and we both laughed he tried again to throw the clothes and it hooked around the top and we tied it and started climbing untill we got to the top

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