~Tyler's Kiss~

I felt his warm lips on mine it tasted sweet it felt like heaven oh Tyler..


1. ~The concert~

"Your ticket miss please" said the man behind the counter and i go inside my T.O.P bag and grab my Tyler Joseph glasses then get my ticket and hand it to the man."oh wow you will be right by the stage,but you better hurry teens get crazy out there and they will push" i nod and smile getting really excited. i see everyone with red beanies and twentyonepilot shirts. I run to get to get to a good spot by the stage before anyone eles.I saw a perfect spot and my eyes sparkled in excitement,untill i got tripped by some girl "sorry,not sorry" she said giggling and took the spot. before i knew it i was 5 people away from the stage i was a little upset but nothing will ruin this night for me.The spotlight shines by the stage and i see black vans and red socks and a tear comes down my eye to see the amazing tyler." can you save! can you save my!" he sang,and i close my eyes and listen deeply to his words and his voice and everyone sang along and gave me dirty looks for not singing along. i knew if i sang my voice would crack up and sound terrible im so terrible." Im fairly local"! Tyler sang and i couldnt help it before i knew it my lips were moving to the lyrics and i sang." ok ok there is a chance you guys will get to touch me" Tyler said and everyone screamed "haha, well if you have vip passes you will get a chance with me" i gasped i had the vip pass and i didnt know i would get to be with him in person i thought it was to be upstage." ok all you vip people go to that door" he said pointing to a bright red door and a quarter of the people ran with their vip passes and i ran to. i thought to myself what if im lucky and get to hug tyler ohhh myyy goddd.There was this big guy who was pointing at what door people should go in."um excuse me" i said shyly the man looked at me with no patience "im still a little confused about this" i said grabbing some of my hair and he sighed then said '' each person with vip will be put in a room and what ever room uh taylor or tyler will pick will be the lucky fan'' i smiled then nodded and he pointed me to the room 1 and i pouted then said '' Tyler will never pick room 1 its to simple he would probably pick 9 or 7'' he smiled then said ''well i dont care a room is a room and your holding up the line'' i look back to see mean faces at me then i slowly and sadly walk to the room. i see a empty white room with one chair and i sit and cry. im no lucky fan im just a stupid fan people hate tyler will never pick me.After what felt like a couple of hours see the bottom crack from the door and see black shoes but it walks away and tears start running from my eyes and i turn around and cry.The door opens but i figured some fan got picked and i have to leave but then someone was walking towards me and he smelled like sweet vinella and redbull.i turn around with my eyes full of tears to see tyler and fans outside of the door looking jealous as ever. i was wordless with teary eyes and tyler closed his eyes and slowly came at my face and kissed me.it-it was amazing his lips were so soft tasted so sweet i was in heaven.He slowly got up and opened his eyes and i looked at him wordless and gasping for air and he left. I was the lucky fan and i couldnt believe it

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