~Tyler's Kiss~

I felt his warm lips on mine it tasted sweet it felt like heaven oh Tyler..


4. ~ My fault~

Josh locked me and him in the bathroom and started kissing my neck " no..stop stop" i said and he looked at me "josh..why" i said tears start coming down my face and he touched his hair "im sorry...you make me feel..different" he said and i nodded " i could tell" i said and the door was banging and i could hear tyler grunting and the door swung open " josh stop" he said and i dont know what got into my mind but i ran out the bathroom and opened the bus door while it was driving "no stop please" tyler said "whats your name.." he said sounding like he was going to cry "my name...is...Lemon" and i jumped out of the bus hitting the highway floor hard getting bruises then i saw josh jump out of the bus but everything was turning blurry and i passed out
"its your tears" a voice said
" my..tears?" i said
"yes,your tears make people act differently"
"is that why josh was acting strange and tyler was acting in love"
"so they dont like me..its just..my tears"
" i hate myself!" i screamed
"wait but there is a chance ty-
~Woke up~
That dream felt real,was it my tears that attracted them but..why. i noticed i woke up in a strange room and josh came with warm tea "you hit the ground hard you should rest" he said and smiled but i looked down "look im sorry for the way i acted you attracted me and it got me..well hard" the word attracted got me mad " lier" i said and his eyes widen "you wouldnt kiss a fan even tyler wouldnt its my tears! its gotten you guys brain washed" i said and got out of bed "wait wait i swear i really like you i-i been single for so long and i figured i should go out with a fan who knows me who makes me feel right" he said and i sat back down and thought for awhile remembering how the voice said there might be a chance but i didnt remember the last word but maybe the voice was trying to tell me there is a chance that might be wrong. i smiled and josh smiled and kissed me and i kissed him back.he fell on top of me on the bed and wrapped one arm around me and kissing my neck i let out a little moan and he lifted my shirt and started kissing around my stomach up to my bra " j-josh.." i whispered but he just kept on going and his yellow hair was brushing against my neck and he pulled my pants down i covered my hands on my panties and blushed and he giggled "dont be shy its ok im gentle" he said sweetly and i lifted my hands out and he pulled my panties down and i closed my eyes "j-josh dont" i said softly and i tear came down to my cheek and he looked at me and grabbed me to him " im done with twentyonepilots all i want is you" he said and my eyes widened " wait what!" i yelled and thought of how much their songs made me relaxed when i was sad " where's josh" i said and knew josh wouldnt quit the band for everything in the world 'what do you mean" he said getting close to my face but pushed him off of me and got out of the bed and slowly walked back putting my hand out "your not josh,get-get away" i said and he got out of the bed "i meant what i said and i love you"he said and put his arms out for a hug " no get away from me!" i yelled about to grab for the doorknob but before i knew it he grabbed me and threw me on a chair and tied me onto it 

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